The Fall Color Wheel – What’s In and What’s Out

Now that summer in the other half of the world is about to end, the world of fashion is slowly transitioning to incorporate the Fall and Winter trends for 2012. One notable switch would be in the color palette. Whereas last summer was characterized by pastel and bright neon colors, rich yet subdued jewel tones are ushered in by the fall.

Although we don’t really have Fall or Winter here in the tropics, I think it’s still relevant to know about the hot colors for the latter part of the year. Besides, colors transcend geographic location or climate.

So allow me to share with you the gorgeous color palette for Fall / Winter 2012:

1. Forest Green

This color reminds me so much of the lush forest undergrowth. It evokes life and vibrancy – just the right aura you want to exude to combat the dreariness of the rainy season. Plus, for us brunettes, green is such a flattering color to wear as it complements our coloring.

(Photo courtesy of Dimitra Mathioudakis at

2. Deep Blue

Blue is a favorite among many. It was especially popular during the spring and summer. This fall, however, the mint blue we so love have taken on a deeper, richer hue. The good thing is it’s still as gorgeous as ever!

(Photo courtesy of Dimitra Mathioudakis at

3. Burgundy

This is probably my favorite shade this season as it’s very bold and luscious. The words excess and vamp come to mind. I cannot help but be intoxicated by the beauty of this color!

(Photo courtesy of Dimitra Mathioudakis at

4. Mustard Yellow

Yellow is such a happy color and I’m glad that this mustard shade is included in this season’s top list. Take note, however, that mustard is generally more muted that the other shades in the same family. Nevertheless, it will give anyone’s outfit an undeniable glow.

(Photo courtesy of Dimitra Mathioudakis at

Now if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with these gorgeous colors, the quickest and most budget-friendly way to do so is to invest in accessories. This way, you can still use the clothes you already have and give them new life with new accessories.

So, what do you think of this season’s color palette? Do you love it or hate it?

The Fall Color Wheel was brought to you by UK based fashion retailer

21 thoughts on “The Fall Color Wheel – What’s In and What’s Out

  1. Love these fall colors! I personally don’t have forest green and deep blue in my closet, but I guess I’m good to go with the burgundy and mustard yellow.. 😉 Anyway, love your tip about accessorizing for the fall season! Will definitely stock up on some fall-colored axxes the next time I visit the mall.. 🙂


  2. Aww may pagka dark blue yung usong blue. sky/light blue fave ko eh. hehe. pero nakakatuwa naman fave ng karamihan ang blue pagdating sa fashion haha
    maganda din yung burgundy. ang elegant. 🙂


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