Aspiring Models – 5 Reasons to Drop by the SM GTW Redhead Mall Tour

This post is long-delayed and I’ve got no excuse. Truth is, I’ve been a bit depressed and uninspired lately. My job is sucking the life out of me and more so because I no longer enjoy it. I’ve always been a nomad at heart but the irony is despite my restlessness, I easily get attached to people, places, and things so it takes me forever to let go even though my itchy feet are raring to fly. Soon I’ve got to make a choice but for now, I will linger for a while longer and carry on.

Before I digressed and went  into a bout of melodrama, I actually wanted to talk to you about something that I am excited about – SM Girls Teens Wear’s (GTW) Redhead Model Search. To the aspiring models out there, here’s your chance to make your dreams come true. A contract with Elite Model Management, cash prizes, and many more are at stake so make sure to join now!

Now SM GTW has made joining even more fun via their ongoing mall tours. I attended the SM Makati leg to check out the action and here, I’ve compiled FIVE reasons why you should definitely drop by and sign up there.

1. Free Makeover 

If you’re unsure about your makeup skills, then worry no more! At the Redhead Mall Tour, you get a professional makeover courtesy of Maybelline so you’re sure that you present your best face for the promo. Clothes are also provided by Redhead so you don’t have to worry about that perfect outfit.

2. Professional VTR and Photoshoot

Every aspiring model should have her VTR and portfolio ready. These are what agencies and clients often use to judge whether a model is suitable for their campaigns. Hence, these two are very important. As they say, first impressions often leave a lasting impression. Give yourself an advantage by making use of the professional videographer and photographer offered on site by SM GTW and Redhead.

3. A taste of fame!

Popularity can be very exhilarating but getting to the top of popularity scale is no mean feat. Sometimes, it takes ages before a star gets the opportunity to shine and be noticed. At the SM GTW Redhead Mall Tour, you get a taste of stardom as they have set the stage for you to walk on and flaunt your inner model to the public eye.

This girl below impressed me so much because she was so tall and lean. She’s got that model figure bang on plus she has a lovely face to match! What do you think are her chances?

4. Goodies from various sponsors

If you drop by the SM GTW Redhead Mall Tour, you will be able to get goodies from their various sponsors. Carizza, Rhea, and I stopped by every booth to get our share of goodies:

5. It’s a learning experience that’s also load of fun! 

Last but not the least, drop by because it’s so much fun there. Personally, I enjoyed every moment I spent with my two lovely companions Rhea and Carizza. Plus, I also learned some tips from them as each of us had the chance to go on stage and give out some modeling tips to the participants. Sure, I’m not a modeling guru but I do have a trick or two up my sleeve. 🙂

Are you excited to go now? 😀 You better be! The next mall tour will be on September 8 simultaneously at SM Cubao and SM Southmall. Remember, you need a minimum purchase worth PHP399.75 (single receipt) of any Redhead items at SM GTW to get a unique code that will enable you to join the promo.

Hope to see you there girls! 😉

12 thoughts on “Aspiring Models – 5 Reasons to Drop by the SM GTW Redhead Mall Tour

  1. wow! the second aspiring model is gorgeous. You really are having fun, keep up the good work Mich. So excited to know your next step in the industry 😉



  2. Love this post! I’ve shopped at SM GTW a couple of times now, but I still haven’t attended a Redhead Mall Tour. I’ll see if I can drop by SM Cubao this weekend. You got me on the free makeover and freebies! 😀

    PS: It’s really hard if you’re not happy with what you’re doing anymore, but I hope you’ll feel better and sort this through sooner.. 🙂


  3. when I was working full time before my boss saw that I was no longer uninspired so he asked me are you no longer happy with us? I said no that’s why I want to go. so let me and I have my wings spread and did a lot of things I thought I wouldn’t . Sometimes, we fear what we don’t know and job security is something we hold on to even if we are not really happy with our work. I hope you can take a break for awhile from your work maybe a vacation so you can reflect if you really want it or not.


  4. Looks like so much fun! I’ve always enjoyed watching model shows on TV. May I just say, you look really pretty especially in your solo photo there! 😀


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