Introducing: Comfit Shoes’ Holiday 2012 Collection

Whenever people go to my room, they would always comment on how much shoes I have. “Imeldific” is the term my mom often uses. However, I beg to disagree. I just love shoes and my collection is FAR from being imeldific!

The thing is, we need different shoes for different occasions. For example, I need heels for a night out but flats are a must when I expect to do a lot of walking during the day. Also, we cannot have shoes in just one color as they sometimes don’t go with some of the outfits we have. A collection that has variety is therefore inevitable. Nothing can be as annoying as not having the perfect shoes for a particular outfit or occasion!

Do you girls agree? 🙂

This is why I’m always on the lookout for new shoe brands. I like to do my research so whenever I need a pair of shoes, I know where to go and what to look for.

Recently, I discovered Comfit Shoes from a friend. It claims to be low on the price tag but high on style. As the name implies, the company is dedicated to producing trendy shoes that are at the same time comfortable to wear so we no longer have to suffer pain for the sake of fashion. They do this by incorporating additional design techniques like extra insole padding, non-slip outer soles, soft and durable upper material, and smooth to guarantee our feet’s comfort.

For Holiday 2012, Comfit Shoes launched a new collection with designs enveloping different kinds of style:

1. Floral Fixation              

Whoever said florals are only for summer must have been only kidding. Beaming with multihued bright colors, Comfit’s floral fixation can turn any look from drab to fab.  Now that is something one would want all year long. From a range of embellishments and prints, florals will surely make any woman bloom with style and confidence.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

With the Filipinas’ affinity for the impeccable effortless look, the bohemian aesthetic never goes out of style. This being the case, Comfit updates the boho-chic trend with eye-popping Aztec prints, pastel-colored weaves, and handcrafted knit leather and jute. It goes without saying that this is ideal for ladies who just want to look easy, breezy, and beautiful.

3. Nautical Nirvana

With more rainy days ahead, the nautical design makes a splashing comeback. Stripes are reinvented with a twist of new colors. Wedged platforms are accented with jute rope soles and statement floral and bowtie ornaments for the ideal Caribbean appeal.

4. Androgynous Diva

Gone are the days when women can’t fill in men’s shoes – both literally and figuratively. For the fashion-forward and confident modern day diva who isn’t afraid to break fashion stereotypes, oxfords, tasseled loafers, and brogues make a bold statement. Nothing spells sexier than how a woman can carry menswear without abandoning her female charm.

5. Urban Glamazon

As the modern goddess would say, “the higher the heels the closer to god.” One can never have too many platforms and pumps. Who can resist new designs when heels are constantly reinvented and given new twists? This season Comfit offers a refreshing take on high heels with pastel color blocking, thick-heeled platforms, and warrior-inspired wedges. When heels are this fierce, who wouldn’t agree that height is indeed might?

I’m actually very excited to see more of this brand. I spent a few hours browsing through their collections on Facebook and their website. I found so many things I liked. I think I really am going to drop by their shop one of these days so I can actually buy a pair and give it a go.

Don’t know about you but getting a new pair of shoes is one of the best rewards I can give myself after a job well done. 🙂

Let’s go?

Comfit is available in stores in the following malls:

  • 3/F The Block at SM City North EDSA (tel no: 02 921 8230)
  • 50th Avenue, East Wing, 3/F Robinsons Galleria (tel no: 0927 974 7673)
  • All Michael Antonio stores at:
    • 2/F The Annex at SM City North EDSA (tel no: 02 355 3081)
    • 3/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila (tel no: 02 846 8128)
    • 2/F Power Plant Mall, Archaeology Section (tel no: 02 846 9850)
    • 3/F Trinoma (in front of Topshop) (tel no: 02 919 4768)
    • 1/F Harbor Point Mall, Subic Bay (cellphone: 0916 240 6098)

23 thoughts on “Introducing: Comfit Shoes’ Holiday 2012 Collection

    1. Depends on the type of shoes you want 🙂 My shoes are often from Parisian and some from Sebago. 🙂 Folded and Hung shoes are ok too. Will buy a pair from Comfit and let you know how it goes 🙂


  1. bohemian rhapsody looks awesome!! love! JUst bought shoes as well in charles in keith and still hunting for a river island shoes I need to wait since their under renovation… x0x0


  2. I think I’ve seen Comfit in Trinoma! Will have to check it again on my next trip to the mall.. 😀 Love the Floral Fixation and Urban Glamazon! Would go for the Androgynous Diva too, if only I didn’t have stubby legs.. XD


  3. I cant buy any of these because I live in america 😦 Why are some stores still not online and international?! It’s not smart


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