OOTD: Fall in Line

Mullet skirts are really my thing these days. For once in my life, I have the opportunity to wear “long” skirts without appearing to look like I’m playing dress up in my mother’s clothes.

Today, I’ll share with you my outfit last Saturday featuring a dress from iDOLLize. It’s a new store on Facebook that sells cute and girly clothes that really fit my aesthetic.

Outfit Details:Β 

  • Dress – iDOLLize
  • Shoes from Pill at The Ramp Crossings, Trinoma
  • Neon Belt from SM Department Store

I love how the vertical stripes and the pleated skirt make me look even taller. Both help elongate my body. My shoes from The Ramp Crossings also garnered a lot of compliments that day. Like me, people liked the edgy heels.

By the way, if you liked the dress from iDOLLize, now’s the best time to get it as they have a promo:

I’m keeping this post short and sweet so I’ll end it here.

The typhoon’s not out of the country yet so keep safe everyone!

25 thoughts on “OOTD: Fall in Line

  1. Oh-M! The shoes! My initial reaction was to touch my back to see if the spinal column is still there. It reminds me of our bone in the back. It’s wild and (insert my-jaw-dropped look)


  2. The mullet skirt looks so good on you! πŸ˜€ Maybe I should try wearing one too~ Your shoes are fab as well! Will make sure to check The Ramp on my next trip to Trinoma.. ^^


  3. I love the skirt! But what really caught my eye were your shoes. :> I’ve seen some people wearing something like that too and it’s just so fierce haha love it!


  4. I agree, this site does offer fab & pretty girly outfit choices that are so reasonably priced. I’ve checked out some of their items and I’m liking them now =)


  5. hello photoshoot-worthy shoes. come to me. please come to me.
    ang ganda talaga. is it really stable? inggit ako kasi black din siya. T_T

    and kahit sa comments, marami pa ring compliments ang shoes ❀


    1. Hahahaha yes, it is stable. I was able to walk from one mall to another in them. That’s a feat considering how uneven the streets are here in the Philippines.


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