My P500 Makeup Challenge: Pretty in Pink

A while ago, I asked people on Facebook and Twitter if they wanted to see me do the PHP500 Makeup Challenge – the Filipino version of the $20 Makeup Tag going around beauty vloggers and bloggers recently. The rule is to use products (including tools like brushes) to create a complete makeup look that adds up to not more than PHP500. You guys said yes so here’s my own version of it:

Products used:

  • Quick FX Tinted Moisturizer – PHP49
  • Glam Works Lip and Cheek Tint in Peach Pink – PHP75
  • Ever Bilena Perfect Eye Brow – PHP50
  • Nichido Bare Basics Palette – PHP138
  • Nichido ColorEyes Volume Water Resistant Mascara – PHP188

Total: PHP500

I’m so happy to find products that add up to exactly PHP500! It took a while for me to choose hence they delay in the posting.

Anyway, when you’re on a budget, a quick tip is to look for products that are versatile. For example, find something like the lip and cheek pot by Glam Works. It serves two purpose at once so you’re getting the most out of your money. Also, prioritize and think about what products you can’t live with out. For me, I can’t do without filling in my brows and applying a sweep of mascara so I made sure to include those in my list.

Before I move on to the look, let me just say that it’s my first time using all of these products so I’m going to do a mini review as I go along with the link.

Step 1: Base – Quick FX Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are my favorite base for everyday use. As can be gleaned from the name, it’s moisturizer with a bit of tint / shade to give you some coverage. Usually, the coverage is sheer enough to even out your skin tone but also allow your real skin to shine through making it look more natural than a medium or full coverage foundation.

I applied this product using my hands, smoothing it evenly all over my face. The consistency felt heavier than I would expect but it was indeed moisturizing. As promised in the packaging, it helped even out my skin tone, especially the slight redness on my cheeks. Above, you will see the before and after photos.

Step 2: Eyebrows

I usually use eye shadow and an angled brush to do my brush but since I cannot afford those for this challenge, I found an eyebrow pencil. Ever Bilena did not have a tester available to I just had to trust that the quality was ok. Turned out the pencil was too soft to be used for the brows. As a result, my brows looked too drawn on! Good thing this product came with a brush so I had to brush my eyebrow hair up and rub some of the color of with my fingers to make my brows look more natural.

Step 3: Eyes

Now the eyes take a longer time to do. For this, I’m going to use Nichido’s Bare Basics Palette. I liked the neutral tones in the palette as again, these shades are more versatile than say, a colorful palette.

Start with the lightest shade as base and apply it all over the lids up to the brow bone.

Then take the bronze shade (upper right) and also apply that all over the lids. I noticed that although the colors look very pigmented on my fingers, they actually appear sheer on the eyes.

Then, take the plum shade (lower right) and apply on the outer corners of the eyes creating a V shape. Blend with your ring finger but don’t drag your eyes.

With the applicator that comes with the palette, take the bronze shade again mixed with the plum and apply under the lower lashes. On the other side of the sponge, use the lightest shade and dab on the inner corner of the eyes.

Since the eyebrow pencil is soft, you can use it to line your eyes and waterline to give the eye more definition.

Finish the eye makeup with a lavish coat of mascara on the lashes.

Step 4: Blush 

A sweep of blusher on the cheeks can instantly make you look healthier so don’t miss this step. I have two options for blusher – the one that comes with the Nichido palette and the Glam Works Lip and Cheek Tint. I decided to use both because I didn’t want to decide. 😀

I also used my fingers to dab on the blush and blend. See, our fingers are pretty useful!

Step 5- Lips

This Glam Works pot reminded me so much of my Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink. This, however, is less dewy in terms of finish but I really liked it, nonetheless. I love the shade since it shows up really well on my lips.

Now here’s the final look:

What do you guys think? 🙂 Share your own PHP500 looks with me. 🙂

P.S. All products are available at Watson’s.

46 thoughts on “My P500 Makeup Challenge: Pretty in Pink

      1. Oks naman, di ako nagbreak out today so that’s a good sign! :)) Also, PHP49 lang so kung ayaw mo then di masakit sa bulsa 😛


  1. This looks so natural.. and wow, the Glam Works lip and cheek tint looks so nice.. 🙂 The Nichido eyeshadow colors don’t show that well though. I’ve tried one of their palettes before and I was so disappointed with the quality. The color barely shows and they’re just too powdery.. 😦 Anyway, I’d love to do this make-up challenge too, but I think I’m bound to fail miserably.. hahaha.. I can’t exclude my Revlon ColorStay foundie which already costs more than 500.. >.<


    1. Yeah, it was weird how it was so pigmented on the fingers but sheer when you apply it. Oh well, at least it’s only 138 hehehehe :)) But yeah, the Glam Works was really surprising. Loved it! 😀 My Revlon foundation din is about PHP900+ na hahaha More than $20 pa yon :))


  2. waa, where did you but that tinted moisturizer? I’ve never tried those, I always have a full coverage make-up, but I have an acidic skin, which makes my face a bit darker, that’s why I opt in using full coverage, so as to maximize the effect. Hmmm, I’ve heard about the 20$ Make-up challenge, I’m so into make-ups nowadays, I’ll be buying some eye shadows and brushes 🙂 Thanks for the tip, now I know that Nichido isn’t the best buy when it comes to eye shadows 🙂


    1. Yep, Ever Bilena might be a safer bet if you’re looking for affordable eyeshadows but you can never go wrong with the Sleek palettes. I bought the tinted moisturizer at Watson’s Podium. 🙂


  3. Oh my, this is so fun! That lip and cheek tint looks good on your lips! Can you give me a tip? Where did you get your contacts? I plan to buy one tomorrow (tired of my glasses).. 😦


    1. I searched lang among the local brands at Watson’s since most of them are inexpensive. Elf is also affordable 😀 I got mine from Executive Optical (EO), Megamall. It’s one of those cheap ones that last for 3 months (which I prefer). My grade is 350 for both eyes 🙂


  4. omg! i love how you put all the make up together! plus the budget! winner na winner! i like how put all the photos also! very informative for me n hindi mrunong s mga make up n ganyan! haha. xx


  5. aww, i haven’t tried a challenge like this. pero if gagawin ko to, i think halos lahat nichido products ang mabibili ko. thing is, i don’t really like anything nichido na eyeliner kasi masakit siya sa mata.

    can i do this challenge sa ukay ukay instead? haha.


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