OOTD: Dark and Dangerous

Our clothes, no matter how thin, serve as our barrier against the world. Practically speaking, we use clothes for hygienic purposes and to protect us from the weather. Figuratively though, clothes can even hide our insecurities and secrets from the world’s prying eyes. This is why clothes are such good indicators of who we are as persons. The way we dress not only reflects our personal style but sometimes, it also speaks of our character, moods, and issues.

I  explored that concept in this look by mixing leather (often used to denote power) with the fragility of chiffon. The strappy harness shoes with the vertebrae heels completes the attitude of the look. For me, this communicates how as a woman, I am both fragile and powerful.

Outfit Details:

  • Asymmetrical Chiffon and Cotton Top from Oxygen
  • Leather Skirt from Underground Manila at The Ramp Crossings
  • Vertebrae Shoes from Pill at The Ramp Crossings

I don’t know about you, but photos that don’t look so perfect appeal to me. I actually like the grainy, blurry qualities of these photos as it matches the dark mood that I wanted to portray. Of course, it’s partly because night-time shooting is really difficult especially with a normal digital camera but oh well, it worked out well in the end for me. 🙂

Do you guys share the same thoughts on clothing as protective covers? Let me know. Perhaps we can elevate this fashion discussion into something deeper and more philosophical. 🙂

22 thoughts on “OOTD: Dark and Dangerous

  1. It’s so weird ’cause when I met you I really see you as a girl who’s more into dainty, feminine styles.. haha.. 😀 But you definitely look good in black, and in leather! 😉 I love how this outfit has a right balance of power and fragility, and that hanging flap from your asymmetrical top makes the whole look more edgy.

    Anyway, I definitely agree with you that clothes aren’t just for physically protecting us, but also used for hiding our flaws and insecurities. I’d know ’cause I’ve always been protecting my skin asthma through clothes.. XD


  2. nice post! i definitely agree with you on clothes and thanks to you, i actually learned a new perspective on it too….clothes reflecting issues and moods within ourself.

    loving the outfit too! mixing the two materials really does give the entire outfit a whole new feel! though the black overpowers the softness of the chiffon it and gives it a more dark, tough feel. which i love and prefer 😀

    and yay for grainy pics! no, i totally agree with you on that! maybe that’s why instagram is sucha big hit!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com


  3. So true! our clothes depicts many things..what we feel, like and hope to impress on others. A tool merely, but powerful. It can change one’s outlook on things. =)

    On the other hand, I love your overall combo. Edgy yet with still girly. Gritty. Nice outfit! =)


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