Wings with a Gourmet Touch at BC Burgers and Chix

Who wants to play a game of cops and robbers? I promise, this time around, you’d want to get caught especially since the prize is 11 different kinds of flavors of chicken wings!

All right, I’m just kidding about the game, but I’m not kidding about the chicken wings! Say hello to the newest wings place in town – BC Burgers and Chix!

Co-owned by John Chung and Chef Nikki Salud, this place gives you chicken wings and burgers with a gourmet touch. That extra special gourmet touch definitely makes their food different from the usual burgers and wings joints around town. The best part is they all come in affordable prices so there’s no reason not to give this place a try. Given so, I dragged my friends to sample their interesting proposition last Saturday.

Read on to learn more about our experience.

(Above: Owner John Chung, Patricia AKA cute head waitress of the day, Chef Nikki Salud)

For starters, we received this delicious plate of Gambas Al Ajillo. It’s technically a really simple Spanish dish of shrimps cooked with garlic, olive oil, and chili peppers. This one, however, is a slightly different variation from the one I’ve tried at Terry’s Selection. I liked that it’s spicier and more flavorful. I can probably eat an entire bowl of this all by myself. 🙂

Then, we had some samplers of their chicken wings in three different flavors compliments of the chef. Normally, an single order would contain six pieces of wings. 🙂

We started with two classic flavors – Honey Lemon and Barbecue Cajun. Notice how a simple garnish makes a load of difference? I appreciate simple things like that but anyway, let’s get back to the chicken. BC Burgers and Chix don’t serve their wings with dips although a dip is available upon request. The reason being that they want you to experience the flavor of the chicken themselves without the flavor of a dip overpowering it.

I would say that’s a risky strategy especially if the chicken is bland. Luckily, their wings were very flavorful indeed so I don’t have any problems with it not having a dip.

Aside from the classics, they gave us a sampler of their Fiery Korean Wings. From the name, you can already guess that this has spicy punch to it. I’m not quite sure what’s in the sauce but my friend Marko liked this a lot. He actually liked this among all the three we tried.

Next time, I’m going to be more adventurous and try even more daring flavors like Binagoongan, Thai Red, and Chinese Oyster.

Not to be outdone, their burger selection also has 11 different flavors with the Roast Beef burger being the best seller. Because we wanted to deviate from the usual, we tried their Pinoy burger – a quarter pounder which has atsara instead of lettuce as topping and mojos on the side. The bread too is made from pan de sal customized for BC Burgers and Chix.

Although this was good, it wasn’t that much of standout for me. I guess I’m just not a fan of burgers in general. Also, I would have enjoyed a bit more atsara on top. 🙂

I would definitely give their Korean Barbecue burger a try next time as I heard it has kimchi on top. Sounds good to me! 😀

Craving for some pasta? They also have some on the menu. Following the chef’s recommendation, we got the gambaroni containing a serving of gambas and generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top. 🙂

Now for my favorite dish out of the entire meal:

You guys must definitely try their fish fillet rice with lemon capers sauce. Admittedly, some fish fillets can either be bland or too salty, but this one’s just right. You get succulent fish with every bright plus the perfect combination of tangy lemon and salty capers as sauce. This is a dish that I will crave for in the days to come and for me, that means something. 🙂

At the moment, BC Burgers and Chix doesn’t serve dessert yet so you have to get your sweet fix somewhere else. However, before you go, don’t forget to take a photo at their line up wall. This will be a true test of your height and here, I proved that I was definitely, 5’1” unlike the 4’11” indicated in my medical exam. Take that!

BC Burgers and Chix is located at 8006 Pioneer Street cor United St, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. You can find it inside the Pioneer Supermarket Complex.

To view their menu, click this and this.

20 thoughts on “Wings with a Gourmet Touch at BC Burgers and Chix

    1. I did try the gambaroni pasta! hahaha oh no i forgot to upload the photo. Hahaha I’ll update!! thanks for reminding me! 😀


  1. Their chicken wings look so yummy! And the fish fillet rice and pasta, they made me crave! Now I’m more excited to try BC Burgers and Chix! 🙂


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