Trendy Bargain Pieces to Love at Tutuban Center

No matter the season, beautiful clothes never go out of style. Sometimes, though, I don’t always have the budget to buy pieces of clothing I like especially since I’m trying my best to save. That’s until I discovered a treasure trove of all things fashionable in the very heart of Manila. Say hello to Tutuban Center.

Last time I was in the area was seven years ago. I was still a freshman at university and all I could remember was the chaos of the place. Going back recently, the surrounding areas are still chaotic but Tutuban Center itself has gotten a massive face lift that you almost feel like you’re in another part of town.

My stop was the Tutuban Prime Block. I got the chance to go around the various fashion stores in the area and I’m dying to share with you guys some pieces I’ve discovered while walking around.

At Q & Q Fashion House, I found some sheer tops that are really in at the moment, including this neon shirt with tribal print collars I recently saw in an online store. Trust me, they sell this for much cheaper in Tutuban. Depending on your haggling skills, you can get this for as low as PHP200 to PHP300.

Here’s another sheer top to consider. I love the playfulness of the golden polka dots on navy. This, I think, gives a quirky attitude to an otherwise formal cut. Imagine this with a black bandage skirt or an a-line skirt then you’re office ready! J

Ok, I’m obsessed with Maxi dresses – mainly because I’m too short to wear them. It’s a case of wanting something you can’t have. If only I had the height, I’d be buying these high-low maxis:

Unfortunately, standing at barely 5 feet tall, I don’t think even high heels can help me look like I’m not drowning in a long dress.

Moving on to another store, I see another maxi dress that I really liked. The hem was again shorter at the front and it had a crochet detail around the neckline, which I found adorable. Again, it was just too long for me. Boohoo!

Not to worry though because I saw this green dress just around the corner.

Sweetheart necklines are a favorite of mine. Couple it with lace and I’m sold! I just wish it came in another color though.

If you’re hunting for accessories, then don’t feel left out. Prime Block has a huge selection of accessories. We actually went into a wholesale shop that kind of reminded me of the places I go to in Zamboanga to buy my accessories.

Here you can see me checking out an entire wall filled with rings and earrings. I was in accessories heaven! No wonder I looked really happy. 🙂

In the end, I couldn’t resist buying some really cute rings from this store!

Of course, what’s a mall without stores that sells shoes and bags, right? My friend Biel and I had a lovely time scouting for some nice shoes and bags. We liked these textured black flats. The ruching added an extra something to something very basic.

Last but not the least, let me introduce you to my favorite in Prime Block, Tutuban. I was amazed by its selection of trendy yet affordable clothes. It had pieces reminiscent of Topshop, Forever 21, Mango, and Zara at half (or even more than half) the price!

First off, check out these mint green striped skirt and and patterned skorts. Just recently, I saw some similar items in Topshop. They were selling it for PHP2,000+ but these are only about PHP300 to PHP450. It’s quite a steal, right?

Now this top really caught my eye. It looks like your run-of-the-mill sheer cropped top from the front but the back is just so irresistibly cute! I enjoy being surprised by details like those little bows.

Push Thru also has a selection of bandage dresses for the party girls out there. I wanted to buy one but they were just a bit too big on me. I don’t have enough curves to make the dress fit perfectly. Biel and I loved trying them on though. 🙂

This store, by the way, also sells accessories, from bags to scarves. Just take your pick!

Honestly, there are tons more to see here. I just don’t have enough space in this blog entry to put all the photos. Don’t worry though as I shall upload more on my Facebook page. It would be much, much better, however, if you take the time to go to Tutuban yourself and check out all that it has to offer! Like me, I’m sure you will be also delighted by the great finds you can find there. 🙂

To learn more about the place and get some updates, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

By the way, watch out for my May haul post in coming weeks to see the things I purchased on my Tutuban trip!  🙂

31 thoughts on “Trendy Bargain Pieces to Love at Tutuban Center

  1. That is indeed heaven on earth! I suddenly feel so envious of you guys!We don’t have that here (in ZC). Aaaaargh! Lovelovelove everything you posted here especially the skirts~ :>


  2. Uy, I likey your hair sa 9th photo 😀
    ako rin, trip ko rin ang maxi dresses pero hanggang tingin lang ako kasi magmumukha akong kabaong pag sinuot ko hahaha :))


  3. Cool! I sent this to my Ate ’cause she’s in Manila. I’m sure she’ll find this helpful 😀
    She read your other posts, too! She said she likes your blog 😀


  4. I miss going to Tutuban! 😀 It’s my haven for inexpensive but fashionable clothing too. I think 168 has really nice clothes din and less expensive than the ones in Tutuban. But I’m not so sure now, ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve visited the area.. XD Anyway, dahil sa post mo I think I’ll have to go to divi next week! 😀


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