OOTD: The Night I Met Gaga

Hey, everyone! Happy middle of the week! 😀 How are you all? I hope everyone’s doing great.

I had a fabulous time yesterday walking and shopping around Tutuban with my bestfriend Biel. Despite a close call with a crazy  pedicab driver who offered us a ride for PHP20 then later on charged us PHP12o each and refused to leave until we paid up, everything was all good. Don’t worry, luckily a guard was around and drove him away. Thank God!

I really have to do a haul video / post soon just to show you guys some of the things I have amassed this month. I shall find a time to do so this weekend! 😀

Meanwhile, here’s the outfit I wore to Lady Gaga’s concert last Monday.

What I was wearing:

  • Faux leather bustier from Oxygen
  • Re-cut skirt from 168
  • Ribbon from my Sarah Jessica Parker dress as belt
  • Jelly wedges
  • Random bracelets and glow sticks as accessories

I got the bustier from Oxygen last Friday. It was on sale from PHP699 o PHP399. It was such a steal so I was really happy about that. My makeup’s a bit ragged after the concert but I had blue and green eye shadows on my eyes with Shu Uemura individual lashes that had streaks of blue in them. I also had orange lip gloss on my lips and coral blush on my cheeks.

For my hair, my work mate RJ (in the photo above) did some random, messy girls just to give it body and shape. I need my own flat iron or curling iron. I love curling my hair!!!

Check out Lady Gaga’s castle. It’s totally grand and it moved a lot when the show was ongoing. Can’t wait to show you guys some of my photos and videos but that will have to wait til tomorrow. 😀

For now, I gotta say toodles! 😀




19 thoughts on “OOTD: The Night I Met Gaga

  1. oooooh, so fortunate to have watched lady gaga, my peboriiiit singer! haha!

    btw, grabe 120 ? wow, parang quoting a bus fare na ata si mr. pedicab driver! nakakaloka! @_@


  2. Can I have the skirt!? It’s the most amazing thing Mich!! :)) Wow, you actually went to the concert? Cant wait to see pics!!

    Bongga si Manong Driver ha! Daig pa ang tricy dito sa ZC. LOL


    1. it was tons of fun since gaga is such a great performer! I’ll upload photos and vids tomorrow 🙂


  3. Mich!!! BITIN!!!! hahaha.. Can’t wait till you post more photos and vids of the concert.. 😀 Anyway, you look so fierce! Love the edgy makeup and outfit!


  4. Like your outfit! And the curly hair 😀

    I’m planning to buy a legit curling iron too coz I’m tired of using my flat iron to curl. Hahaha


    1. Hahahah thank you! There are new versions of these jellies with the tribal pattern and tassels. Super cute din! 😀


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