Favorite Product of the Moment: Revlon’s Photoready Airbrush Foundation

Never has there been a person more susceptible to the power of advertising than myself. Show me a pretty commercial, give me a bit of sales talk, and I’m sold! Admittedly, I bought this foundation because I love Emma Stone and I love how she looked in the billboard along EDSA and the posters of her I see in Watson’s. Those are probably photoshopped, I know, but I don’t really mind. Fact is, she looked lovely.

Soooo… I bought this foundation when I had the chance, not knowing what to expect. Talk about impulsive and risky buying! The only reason I took such a great risk though was the fact that I trust Revlon and like their products in general. Besides, their Photoready foundation is a holy grail product among many. I thought this one was going to be just as good.

Ok, this one’s a bit tricky to use. The first time I tried it at the Revlon counter, I had product squirting EVERYWHERE! No kidding!

Thing is, instead of the usual liquid foundation, this one’s mousse so it doesn’t come out the way you expect a normal liquid foundation would. To get the right amount of product without it going everywhere, you would have to press the “spout” against the side of your hand then slowly press the pump down like this:

This way you can control the amount of product coming out of the spout.

Usually, I apply it on my face using my hands but only because I don’t have any clean brushes at the moment. I think it will look even better when applied using a buffing or stipling brush. The finish is matte so this will work better on oily skin. If you have dry skin like mine, it’s best to apply moisturizer first to make the it go on much more smoothly on the face and so it blends better.

Now let me take you through the pros and cons of this product:


  • Absolutely flawless finish! I really love how this product can make my skin look so perfect even under the harsh lights of flash photography. I noticed that when you smooth on the product, it has subtle shimmers in it (sort of like mineral makeup) that I think reflects the light thus helping make the skin look more even and glowing. I think these are the “photochromatic pigments” that minimize the appearance of flaws.
  • Despite the medium to full coverage, it feels very light on the face – probably the effect of the mousse formula.
  • It’s actually quite long-lasting. I wear it all day and it stays put. There’s a little bit of oiliness at the end of the day but nothing that can’t be remedied by a pat of translucent powder.
  • You only need a little squirt of product to cover the entire face. This means you can make this product last a long time since you don’t need excessive amounts when using.
  • There are several shades to choose from (though still not extensive as some high-end brands) – Vanilla, Shell, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Golden Beige.


  • I’ve got to admit, this foundation is a bit pricey at PHP925. It’s still cheaper though than most high-end brands so it’s still worth it in that sense.
  • I also don’t like the spout as it can get really messy after the product comes out. Look at the state of mine above. There’s foundation all over the rim 😦

I really, really love this product though so over-all, I’d give it a 4.5/5. Minus .5 for the messy packaging! πŸ™‚

Now it’s time to show you some photos to demonstrate how it looks before and after application and in different lights / settings.

Here’s a before and after shot. Notice the acne marks on my forehead and on my right cheek. See how these were smoothened and lightened on the after shot. Also take note of the fact that even though I have foundation on in the after shot, it still looks very natural.

In natural light without flash, the skin looks so flawlessly beautiful.

This is how it looks with indoor lighting. Sorry about the photo on the right. Hahaha forgot to take a photo without flash. My forehead is tad bit shiny but that’s because of the reflected light from the flash. Also, I didn’t powder my skin so if you want to tone down the reflection a bit, you can dab a bit of powder on the skin.

More importantly though, this is how it looks under party lights. I don’t know about you, but I only wear foundation when I’m going on a night out. For everyday, I just wear my tinted moisturizer. πŸ™‚

When I say party lights, I mean club lighting – dark with colored spot lights. After hours of being out and about, it still looks just as good as when it was freshly applied. πŸ™‚

I think that if there’s one thing we should invest on, it’s on a good foundation as this is the base of our makeup looks. If you’re skin doesn’t look flawless, it doesn’t even matter if your eye makeup or lipstick is really good. The effect will be ruined by bad foundation.

So if you’re looking to invest in a good foundation, I suggest you give this one a go. Don’t forget to test it on your skin first though because we all have different skin types and therefore, what works for me may not work for you. πŸ™‚

Disclaimer:Β The photos of my face are unedited to give you a true picture of how the product appears in different lighting using a typical digital camera.

21 thoughts on “Favorite Product of the Moment: Revlon’s Photoready Airbrush Foundation

    1. Yes, exactly! Also great when you’re expecting to be photographed a lot during events. Naks! πŸ˜€


  1. So it’s in mousse form pala! I’m stil not used to creams and liquid foundation so I may consider this.
    Great review… the price is close and even cheaper than good BB Creams in the market πŸ™‚


    1. You should. I think it’s worth the price tag. Not sure if Revlon counters dish out samples but if they do, you should definitely get one πŸ™‚


  2. So pricey nga, but to think you’ll be using it for 6 months or more? parang hindi na rin ganun ka mahal. I’m considering buying this one din, kapag may budget na hehe. Thanks for the nice review.


  3. My most important makeup item is foundation too, so this is what I usually splurge on! πŸ˜€ hahaha.. I’ve been using Revlon ColorStay for more than 6 years already and I’m super loving it. I remember it was just 600+ when I started using it, but now it’s almost at 900 too. Anyway, I would love to try the Photoready line, but unfortunately, I have oily skin so I only go for mattifying foundies. *sigh*


    1. Hi Janine, if I remember correctly, I think we’re almost the same tone. Try Nude (which is my shade) or natural beige if that one’s too light for you. πŸ™‚


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