Etude House Henna Fix Mascara Review

For the past few weeks, I have been making do with a non-waterproof mascara. In this hot, sweaty climate, using one is an absolute nightmare as smudging is unavoidable. After ranting about the experience on Twitter and Facebook, I got several recommendations from my friends. This Etude House Henna Mascara was one of the most recommended.

According to my friends, it can make your lashes appear incredibly long and full while at the same time, the effect lasts all day without smudging. After two weeks of wearing this everyday, I’m now ready to give my verdict.


  • I love the hot pink packaging. It’s bright and very girly the way I like it.
  • The curvy wand follows the natural shape of your lashes and allow for better application.
  • It goes on really black and can instantly define the eyes and make them stand out.
  • It can add length and and volume to your lashes.
  • Does not smudge at all!


  • The stopper on this one is absolutely rubbish. When you pull out the wand, you get a ton of product that can get everywhere as you swipe it on your lashes. Tip: tap the wand on a sheet of tissue first to get rid of excess product.
  • Although it’s an advantage that it doesn’t smudge, it’s really difficult to get rid of this product without a makeup remover. Even with one though, it’s still a challenge trying to get this off!

Here are some before and after shots for your appreciation:


Sorry there are threads / lint on my lashes. I don’t know why they’re there. Hahaha


I messed up the bottom lashes on left eye because I didn’t take out the excess product from the wand. Lesson learned! πŸ˜€

My final verdict?

I think this mascara is all right especially if you need one that lasts all day and if your lashes need a lot of volumizing and lengthening. At PHP600+, however, I think this is a little bit pricey (though cheaper than the Revlon one I bought prior to this). If you love Korean products and would like to splurge, this is the mascara for you. I’d give it a 3.5/5.

23 thoughts on “Etude House Henna Fix Mascara Review

  1. I absolutely love this product! I agree with you about the stopper thingy, What I do is i pull the wand against the opening of the tube so that I wouldn’t waste any product. 600 plus is way too hefty for me, I want every oz of it hehehe. Another trick is I use a credit card/ business card or any type of card that can prop my eyelid upward. I place the edge of the card exactly above my lash line (where you apply your eyeliner) and gently pull upward. It will pull the lashes up and then apply mascara. It will give you more control on each strand of hair/lash, plus it is less messy. WARNING be sure your cards are clean!


  2. i haven’t tried this kasi i’m not a mascara girl. short lang kasi ang shelf life and i don’t think i wanna splurge unless i have an event to go to na bongga ang full lashes. :))


  3. My eyes have long lashes (they say) and my friends love it when they apply mascara on it. I just don’t like how they smudge. So I think I’ll be trying this one, just for the sake of a smudge-free make up. It’s kinda expensive tho for me lol


  4. I still haven’t found myself using mascara regularly. I have oily lids so most of the time, my mascara smudges on them.. >.< I'm quite scared of using long-lasting and waterproof mascaras like this though, 'cause I only have a few, and even thin lashes. So 'pag struggle tanggalin, baka pati lashes ko masama.. :))


  5. Another promising product from EH. Indeed, the mascara made your lashes look fuller! πŸ™‚ Quite steeper than the usual go-to Maybelline mascaras of girls but I think the results are okay naman. I’m just hesitant because some mascaras tend to pull out one’s real lashes even if a gentle cleanser is used.


    1. i didn’t experience naman lash fall outs. Just be gentle lang when removing, i guess. πŸ™‚ Don’t force it out hehe


  6. I love using mascara! Sometimes if I can’t bother wearing make-up, a mascara is enough na. I’d love to check this product out as well ;>


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