Everyday Glam with Avon and Human Heart Nature

Makeup is a good perker-upper! I think I’ve just made up a word but you guys know what I mean, right? Whenever I feel like bullpoopy, I pull out my makeup kit and experiment. Most of the time, I show the result to my boyfriend who of course tells me that I look great. That makes me feel like I have all the confidence I need to rule the world. πŸ™‚

Moving on, let me show you a quick makeup look that you can do everyday whether you’re going to school, work, or just a fun day out with people. It’s really quick and easy and I’m sure that anyone can do it! πŸ™‚

All right, I started with my base (foundation and eye primer) already on. Then for the eyes, I moved on to Avon’s Smoke and Mirrors palette (which I absolutely love!!!), using the color Nude and Infused. It’s a very lovely satin finish eye shadow in a nude champagne color that works perfectly as a base.

Run that all over your lids. Notice that it looks like the same color as my skin except that it has a wee bit of shimmer running through it.

Then, I pulled out another favorite palette of mine – Human Heart Nature’s Velvet Passion Mineral Eyeshadow in the palette Sweet Innocence. I used the brown eyeshadow (leftmost) and run it along my crease and the outer corner of mye eyes. Remember to bring down the color too and sweep it along the outer corners of your lower lash line.

Now using a black eyeshadow or in my case, a black pencil eyeliner, apply it close to your lashline. Don’t worry if it’s messy because we’re going to blend it later on til it’s almost gone.

Now, blend, blend, blend. This will create a subtle shadow along the lash line that will help define the eyes without appearing too graphic or harsh for daytime. See?

Ok now go back to the Sweet Innocence palette, load a small brush with the gold color then dab it along the inner corner of your eyes and your brown bone. This is a well-known trick for making yourself look more awake and the eyes, brighter.

By the way, I Β also used the black eyeliner along my waterline but only until midway down my eyes.

Now coat your lashes with your favorite mascara and your done with the eyes! πŸ™‚

To finish the look, I used a warm pink blusher on my cheeks (Sleek’s Flamingo blush) and a bright red gloss (Mary Kay’s Red Passion) on my lips. I contoured my nose too using a matte brown eyeshadow then voila! Then end result:

An easy yet glam look that you can wear everyday! If you decide to recreate this makeup look, please post a photo of yourself on my Facebook page. I would very much like to see your own version of it too πŸ˜€

Leaving you all with a smile on my face and a delightful reminder to myself about how wonderful it feels after writing a blog entry.

See you all tomorrow! xxx

15 thoughts on “Everyday Glam with Avon and Human Heart Nature

  1. You look lovely — agree with Rowena, the make-up brightened your eyes and face πŸ™‚ Haven’t tried mineral make-up yet, but I am currently using HN lipstick.


  2. I’m not really into make-up simply because I don’t know how to apply it on my face and also I’m super lazy doing it. I just use lip balm everyday for my dry lips. Great tutorial though, you made it look effortless! =)


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