Promos and Giveaways Alert

Hey everyone! I know some of you really like joining promos and giveaways so I thought I’d write this post to let you know about some of the promos that are on-going at the moment:

The Beauty Junkee’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

Martha of The Beauty Junkee is celebrating her third Blogversary this month so she’s giving away up to PHP70K worth of prizes. So if you’re into makeup and fashion, go check out her post and find out how to get the chance to win one of her beauty packages. Lots of chances for you to win since lots of prizes are also at stake!

Oracare Sting – No Sting Promo

Oracare is giving away products on their Facebook page. The mechanics are really quirky. You just have to download the photo template from their page and add a photo of something that stings. First thing that comes to mind is a bee or wasp! Hahaha Then you just have to upload it on their wall with the reason why you think that thing stings. Every week, TEN winners will get an Oracare giftpack!

An example entry:

Funny, right? So try to be as witty as possible! It’s the last week this coming week so make sure to join now!

Live the a!life Promo

Every Monday and Wednesday, a!life on Facebook  asks fans a question. All you have to do is post your answer to the question on their wall. Every Wednesday and Friday, the people with the best and most liked answers will get gift packs from a!life. Joining is really easy!

Above is an example of a question asked by a!life plus the winning answers. 🙂 Watch out for the next question tomorrow. 🙂

Of course, I’m also inviting you to join part 2 of my blogversary giveaway too. I’m giving away a lot of makeup products from L’Oreal, Maybelline, Careline, and Avon. Check out my giveaway here.

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