Posing Pointers by Sarah Baker of City Gurl Secrets

Hey, everyone! If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen my post earlier about me having a guest blogger here at Mich Eats and Shops Blog. I’m so delighted to introduce to you all Sarah Baker of City Gurl Secrets. She’s new at blogging but she’s a professional model, personal stylist, artist, and dancer, to name a few of her achievements.

Last week, when I was looking for posing pointers, I was very glad to find Sarah and have her agreeing to give me and you dear readers some advice. Are you all excited? I am! Let’s read her tips here:

Afraid to be in front of the camera? Feel like you need more personal style photos, but don’t know anything about posing? Don’t worry ladies and gents- I’m here to help.  Let’s jump right into some posing tips and techniques to flatter your body shape and the clothes you are wearing!

 1. To make your shoulders appear tiny-

This is the most important tip I stress when anyone is taking a picture for any reason. If your shoulders are facing the camera straight on, you may appear too broad (and we don’t want any delicate ladies looking like a foot ball player). Turn your torso so that one shoulder is slightly in front of the other. This is especially important if you are taking a picture from the waist up, it will make you appear lean and slender. Even if you are shooting an outfit and your legs are square to the camera, you can still shift your shoulders! See this example for how to perfect this:

2. Posture, posture, posture!

No one looks more confident than when they are standing with their shoulder back and head held high! Pretend that a string is coming from the top of your head and is being pulled up. When you are standing with good posture, it elongates your body, exudes confidence, and makes anything you are wearing look that much greater.

3. Find an angle that flatters your face the best

Some people look super fierce with a straight on shot of their face, others look the best when they lower their chin which brings more attention to their eyes. Practice in the mirror and see what angle works best for you. Here are some different examples!

4. Make your jawline pop!

This trick also make a “double chin” disappear. When some people get nervous taking a photo, they tend to move their head back and away, which can result in a “double chin” even if you are a skinny mini! First, jut your chin out slightly (not too much or you will look like a turtle), then angle your face downwards just a tad. If you try this in the mirror, you will see a difference.

5. Slim your thighs!

If you want to make your thighs appear slimmer. Stand with one hip slightly shifted behind the other, then take a small step out with one foot so that one leg is in front of the other. This will make your silhouette appear smaller.  One thing to remember, you don’t have to turn your whole body to the side, just your hips! So you can keep your torso facing forward as this will also make your waist appear smaller as well.

6. Lose inches off your waist instantly-

Another way to bring less attention to your waist, or to accentuate it if you are wearing something like a peplum skirt, is push your booty back! This does sound silly, but it really is as simple as that. If you stand in front of a mirror facing forward, all you need to do is  push your hips back. Remember to not stick your chest out, it is easy to do this when you are striking this sort of pose. This is also a great technique if you have very small hips, as it will give you more of a coke bottle shape.

7. Give your audience movement!

Sometimes it is nice to switch things up from standing in one pose for every single look. You can do something natural like walking towards the camera. If your photographer can capture you while walking, you can get some great shots. It is also nice to give different poses with your legs like crossing one over the other, or popping a knee out. Use your creativity for this and you can capture some beautiful pictures by just being silly!

8. Always be aware of your hands

This is extremely important if you are featuring a purse, clutch, or any other prop that you have to hold with your hands. Sometimes I forget this and I get what I call “the claw”. You know, when you are gripping onto something and your hand looks like a pigeons foots- not pretty. Try to make a mental note throughout any photo shoot to keep your hands relaxed. If your hands are down by your side but are clenched into a fist, it  could make you appear tense (unless that is the look you are shooting for).

9.  Have fun!

Not every picture needs to be so serious! Sometimes a person is the most beautiful when they are smiling. Dance to music, tell funny jokes and start laughing. Great photos capture moments like these, and makes your audience more likely to come back to visit your page again. Being a fashion blogger is your passion! The most important piece of advice I can give ANYONE is to enjoy what you are doing, and smile!

Now let’s see your fierce poses, people!

If you wanna know more about Sarah, get her updates here:



32 thoughts on “Posing Pointers by Sarah Baker of City Gurl Secrets

    1. OH!!!! You said smaller, not bigger! I think I read only what I wanted to see because that has been my constant problem. Hahaha I guess do the model slouch? 😀 hahaha And definitely not take photos from the top angle 😛


    2. Yes- Michelle is right! Have your photographer take your photos at a “squatting angle”, so he/she will be shooting from a lower point angling up. Not only will this make your top half smaller, but it will elongate your legs for miiiiiiles! Also, shift your torso back and jut your hips forward. This is the posture models use for runway shows and when you take pictures standing in this position your chest will look smaller too 🙂


  1. one of my fave guest post ever…. 🙂 hehehe naentertain ako. 🙂 i have my friends in my mind already, doing mental check on how they pose for my shots haha… and include me as well, ever conscious of these things for my photos haha!


  2. Wow, these are great tips for posing! 😀 I’ll definitely remember these so the next time I get in front of the camera, I’d look more slim and poised! ^^


    1. Yes! The main focus is on the hat, so try to shoot from a higher angle. This way you will be able to capture all of the hat and your face at the same time. It is important though to mainly shoot head shots if the camera is at a high angel and pointed downwards. Shooting full lengths at this angel could result in the appearance of short and stocky legs.

      Also, shoot different angles of the hat. Example; get a profile shot by lowering your head looking down. This will showcase the hat and will capture a side view. And, to show off wide brims, tilt your chin up with your face straight on to the camera. This will bring the focus to the brim of the hat!

      Hope this helps!! 🙂


      1. Sarah, thanks so much. So I will have the headshot taken from a high angle, and lower my chin to get a full length shot for a different view of the hat.


  3. I can totally relate with tip number 8! Especially since my fingers are naturally long and thin. You don’t know how many good pictures I had to delete or never upload because my hands looked horrible ._.

    Well anyway, thanks Ate Mich and Sarah for this! I always pose awkwardly so this really helps! 😀


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