Announcing – The Winner to My Summer Giveaway

Today’s the day when I finally announce the winner to the my Delicious Summer Giveaway! Are you guys excited? Just to give you a recap, all you needed to do was to leave a comment on my blog telling me your plans for summer, like my Facebook page, and then follow me on Twitter.

What was the prize? This delicious lip treat from Forever 21!

And so… the winner is….

Congratulations to Michelle Ame! Her name was drawn randomly via the RaffleCopter application. To see how I drew the winner and the entire verification process, you can watch this video though I can’t promise you that it won’t be boring. Haha It’s actually kinda long and dull:

To those who didn’t win, just stay tuned for my next giveaway. It’s coming up really soon! I’m going to celebrate my Blogversary this entire month and if you follow me on Facebook, I actually asked if you would rather have 1 expensive prize or several more affordable ones. If you left a comment there yet, let me know your preference by commenting here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Til next time!

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