Final Verdict: L’oreal Absolut Repair Mask

Some of you may already know this, but I have been testing L’Oreal Absolut Repair Mask for my damaged hair. I have been advised by my friend who used to work at L’Oreal to make use of this product two times a week for an entire month to witness its full effect.

Now apparently, that “something special” about this product is it’s NeoFibrine technology that’s trademarked to the brand. This technology with AHA-Lipid Guard deeply conditions and reconstruct the hair with:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids – penetrates the scalp and renews dead skin cells
  • Bio-Mimetic Ceramide – ceramides are naturally found in the hair. These lipids are essential in maintaining genuinely healthy hair as they hold / cement its structure (keratin) into place. When hair gets damaged, the natural ceramides disappear. This Biomimetic ceramide imitates the natural ceramides found in the hair and replenishes its numbers.
  • Shine Perfecting Agents – envelops the hair shaft to provide a shiny protective shield
  • UV Filter for Hair – the hair is also sensitive to sun damage, hence it also needs UV filters to keep it protected
  • Magnesium – this nutrient is essential for protein formation, creating new cells, and activating B vitamins. A deficiency in magnesium is one of the causes of hair loss.
Hence, L’oreal claims that this is the answer to restoring damaged hair to its former healthy glory.

Before I give my verdict though, here’s how you would use it:

Wash your hair with shampoo then towel dry.

Scoop out a portion of the mask – enough to cover all your hair – and make sure to apply evenly on your hair strands from root to tip with extra attention to the tip. Section your hair if you must to ensure that everything is evenly covered.

The pack  says to wait 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing but I left mine for about 15 to 20 minutes for good measure and so the product will have more time to sink into the hair.

Then tada! Shiny hair! Hehe

Ok here are my observations after a month of using:

1. My problem area is the roots of my hair since it has suffered the most damage from repeated rebonding treatments. Usually it’s frizzy and very dry looking. On my first try, I applied the product at night and the next day, the ends were much more manageable though still dry.

2. The first week, I used the products twice. I noticed how my hair felt softer and looked shinier. Even my workmate commented on it. The photo above was taken during my first week of wearing the product.

3. A month after, the ends are still a bit frizzy (although no longer dry) and my hair over-all is more manageable, smoother, and shinier. The effect isn’t cumulative, i.e. hair doesn’t get any shinier than how it was after the first time I tried it, BUT it has helped my hair become consistently healthier than it was before I used the product.

Final verdict:

I’d give this product a 4/5. It does help damaged hair and honestly, it works better than Sunsilk’s damage repair mask. At PHP500 per tub, the price is reasonable for a superior quality product. The only drawback would be that this is not readily available. You can only buy this from salons that use L’Oreal products.


17 thoughts on “Final Verdict: L’oreal Absolut Repair Mask

    1. Well, it’s all a matter of prioritizing. Of course you need to set aside money first for the things you really need for daily living – food, transportation, bills, etc. Otherwise, how can you survive? you can’t survive on makeup and clothes 🙂


  1. this sure looks promising i wonder if i would use it i need like 10 tubs of it since my hair is a rapunzel version. but surely do will try something like this. must cut my hair soon!! haha love your skirt by the way! xx


    1. Hahaha You won’t need 10 tubs naman even with your gorgeous long hair 😉 My hair is quite long too – like mid-back – and I barely touched the surface 🙂 Thanks!!!


      1. I use once in two weeks.My hair is not treated.But very damaged and rough..Even if I cut my splitends they look brown in ends as if there is still splitends :/ I am so so so tensed..And hairfall is like anything.Please help me 😐 What to do..


      2. Hi Naina, as per product instructions, it is advised that you use it twice in one week for at least one month for you to see the full effect. Using it once in two weeks won’t do much. Also, if you can get hold of some good quality Moroccan oil such as the one found in this website – – then that would help bring back the smoothness and shine to your hair. Another product that I also recommend is Kerastase’s Elixir ( I’m not really a hair professional though but I’m just sharing with you the products that worked for me.


      3. Hey In india kerastase is only available..What to do for Moroccon oil?Is there any substitute for this?And ok now i will do masque it twice a week then let you know.And yes my masquecontain lactic acid no neurofibrine or whatevr it is..Is it ok?


      4. Not sure where you can buy Moroccan oil in India but you can try online? 🙂 Sure, do let me know.


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