11 Questions Tag

Hi Everyone!

Quick post before I go nap for a bit. I’m sooo sleepy! I got tagged last night by Czar to list down 11 facts about myself and to answer 11 questions from him so here goes!

11 Facts

1. I’m a very sociable person online. I like talking to random people and making new friends. In real life though, I’m not as friendly. Why? Beats me!

2. I met my boyfriend by striking up a random conversation with a stranger on Skype so don’t ever belittle the works of fate / serendipity. It could happen.

3. I currently live in Manila but I’m really from Asia’s Latin City of Zamboanga! Hola!

4. I absolutely hate the chicken in tinola so I only eat the papaya, malunggay/sayote, and the soup.

5. I’d rather stay at home on weekends than go out. I can spend hours in my room and not get bored / restless so locking me inside my room never worked as a punishment when I was a kid.

6. Shopping is my addiction. I have so much difficulty saving because there are so many things to buy. :-s

7. If I can live somewhere forever, it would probably be in sunny Italy where there’s great food, fashionable clothes, and happy people.

8. My favorite past time includes being online all day long and reading romance novels.

9. Because of romance novels, I believe in true love and that a dashing hero will come sweep me off my feet. Come to think of it, I’ve already been swept off my feet. I just need my hero to come and be with me. 🙂

10. I hate milk.

11. My dream is to become the secretary to famous, hot male writer so that we can travel the world together. :>

Now to answer Czar’s questions:

1. Why do you blog? Because I love to write and blogging is a great way to keep my writing skills sharp, meet new people, and share my ideas.

2. What are the things you won’t forget before leaving the house? My huge bag that contains my laptop, cell phones, wallet, key, makeup, notebook, random junk.

3. Who is your inspiration for your style? I’ve got tons of style inspirations but mostly I’m in love with Proenza Schouler, Nina Ricci’s Fall 2009 collection, and Christopher Bailey of Burberry.

4. If you are given the chance to change your name, what would it be? Maybe “Damaris” because I always use it for my username online and it’s a unique name.

5. What are your favorite clothing brands? Proenza Schouler, Burberry, and recently, Jason Wu.

6. Five years from now, what do you want to achieve? I wanna be super at marketing / advertising / public relations!

7. If you are asked to be the fashion stylist of a famous person, who would you choose? Err… Daniel Henney so I can be with my ultimate crush and see him dress AND undress! :>

8. What’s your most embarrassing moment? Grade 3, I walked down the school hallway after a pee not knowing that my skirt was tucked against my short’s waistband. Good thing we were required to wear shorts under our skirts 😛

9. What are your vices? Definitely eating and shopping!

10. If you have 100 pesos left, how will you spend it? On commuting, most probably. 😦

11. Complete the sentence: My friends are AWESOME because although we don’t see each other often, we’re still super friends!

All right! That’s it! 😀

Here are the rules if you want to start your own tag but I’m too tired to think of questions right now huhu:

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you tag them
6. Tag 11 people

All right! Time to snooze! Good night, dear readers! 😀

9 thoughts on “11 Questions Tag

  1. I met my boyfriend by striking up a random conversation with a stranger on Skype so don’t ever belittle the works of fate / serendipity. It could happen. >>> I have an online buddy too! Though hindi kami pero we’ve been really good friends for almost 3 years now. 🙂

    I hate milk. >> I swear we can be really good friends ! Ha ha ha :))


    1. I want to hear the story about the online ‘buddy.’ Who, what, when, how? 😀

      Hihihi, we’re getting there! Friends na tayo now 😛


  2. I hate milk too!!! >.< It's so hard to force myself to drink that 1 glass of milk every night just to gain weight! huhuhuhuhu.. T___T

    and yesss… so many things to buy there.. If I was in your position, nakoooo.. ubos lagi ang pera ko. wahahahahaha.. XD


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