Skin Love with Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry from Nivea

Let’s make this quick and get to the heart of the issue, shall we? In this case, it revolves around two special ingredients: Camu Camu and Acerola Cherries. Admittedly, before trying out Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Protect Body Milk (whew!), I knew nothing about these. However, I always make it a point to read up on the ingredients of the things I use so in this post, I’m going to share with you some of my findings.

Let’s start with the Camu Camu also known by the scientific name of Myrciaria dubia. The Camu Camu is a tree native to the heart of the Amazon forest) bearing berries that are best known for their extraordinarily high Vitamin C content. Just to give you an idea, it has 50 times more Vitamin C than a lemon and aside from that, it’s rich in minerals and amino acids that help in the absorption of Vitamin C.

Similarly, the Acerola Cherry (Malpighia emarginata) is also a very rich source of Vitamin C and other nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3.

Because of these, both fruits are used for their antioxidant properties. Now we all know why antioxidants are good for us – they combat free radicals from our cells thus preventing these from getting damaged. Cell damage can cause diseases such as cancer and hasten the process of aging.

Given the above, this product promises to “repair and and micro-exfoliate accumulated damaged and dull skin and boost skin’s natural barrier from sun damage.” An attribute I cannot really measure or prove for myself (until a few years from now I guess) so I have to take this one on trust in the Nivea brand name.

If all that weren’t enough, this also has advanced UVA/UVB filters to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, preventing pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Personal Verdict:

Although this product claims to whiten the skin, I cannot personally testify to this because I’m already as fair as I can possibly be. By fair, I mean brownish-yellow. That’s never gonna change (not that I want it to). Also, because I’ve been using lotion my whole life, I luckily don’t suffer from dark knees and elbows. For those who do have these issues do, this might be a product to try. (Let me know how it goes.)

The formula, on the other hand, is very light and gets absorbed by the skin really fast. I say this because I don’t get a sticky, heavy feeling after applying this on my skin, which is a feeling I get from some lotions.

Lastly, I love how this product smells. The light scent that’s not at all overpowering (which I hate!!!) does remind me of cherries. It’s good enough to eat! Don’t expect the smell to last all day though because it won’t. Not necessarily a bad thing because products with too much fragrance make me nervous. Too many artificial ingredients, that’s why. 🙂

Other Information:

This comes in 55ml (PHP55), 125ml (PHP139), 250ml (PHP219), and 400ml (PHP329) bottles.

For more information and for their latest promos, please visit the Nivea Philippines Facebook and Twitter.

45 thoughts on “Skin Love with Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry from Nivea

  1. i’m using the deodorant before thinking it would whiten my underarm but its not. though the smell is really nice. I am using dove deodorant now and it seems makes my armpit glow though i don’t know whats the difference b4 &now. and of course nivea lotion is a fab lotion for me as well! i buy a lot here in singapore to give to my mum and sister when ever i go back home! thanks for the knowledge you shared today dear! keep it up! xx god bless!


  2. I’ve tried other Nivea lotions before too, but I have yet to try this one. Judging from your post, it seems like I will like this lotion too, except that whitening lotions make me nervous because I am too white already and I fear that if I get any whiter I’ll give Snow White a run for her money, LOL. 😀 Can’t wait to take a whiff of that cherry smell though.. 😀


    1. I think the whitening bit is more for evening out the skin tone. 😀 I didn’t get any whiter naman than normal yellowish-white. :))


  3. For some reason I am allergic to Nivea. I stopped using the lotion from then, back when I was still in high school. But this new Nivea products, I might be trying my luck again since I am in search of a good product, especially lotions. Thanks for sharing girl 🙂


    1. You can get a 55ml bottle for PHP55. 🙂 Not bad na. I have the 250ml bottle at PHP219. It lasts awhile naman 🙂


  4. I’m using Nivea lotions but just the regular ones I’m not so fond of whitening products i so love my morena skin.. 😉 i only use whitening creams for my “dark” spots.. syempre morena kaya more darker din mga tuhod and siko.. hehe.. sige will try this lotion!! 😉


  5. kakabili ko pa lang ng extra whitening deodorant na 48 hours. huhu. ate mich, mabango ba siya for you ? i think i like the violet one more.

    peroooo. speaking of violet… me likey your new theme yey 🙂


    1. why huhu? 😀 I like the cherry smell e that’s why i like the smell of the lotion. the deo smells like baby powder :))


  6. wow. this is cool labs! 😀 ngayon ko lang din nalaman yang camu camu na yan.. at nosebleed ako sa other name niya. HAHAHA :)) gusto ko nito kase gusto ko pang pumuti!!! hahahahaha.. XD


  7. Nivea lotion is god speciallyfor the dry skin .i don’t know how effective this is as skin whitener but no harm on trying .my son loves skin whitener lotion .he don’t like his moreno look.


  8. i’ve been using NIVEA since i was a child and until now, i stil do. although i’m using the NIVEA Creme as my body lotion. it’s quite expensive though it really makes my skin smooth and healthy and sort of has a whitening effect 🙂


  9. It it really good? My skin is so sensitive and hindi q tlg alam kung ano pwdeng lotion para magubra yan mga whitening lotion! haha anyway i miss your old theme! Mas eye catching kasi ung fez mo dun! haha and for me prng dry to kasi walang something sa side just the purple color. Just my opinion. 🙂


    1. Hahahaha di kasi ako marunong mag artwork e! :)) Ayoko nang makita fez ko 😛 Next time na ulit 😉 Try mo muna yung smallest size para malaman mo kung ok for you 😀


  10. I’m using the same product lotion pero ung 40x whitening thing.. lagi kasi walang stock yan sa Mindpro(preferred grocery store)… so far, di man ako nagka allergy reactions. 😀


    1. Unfortunately not, but the ingredients are the same, I think. The body cream is just more intense and is better for targeting areas like dark elbows/ dark knees. 🙂


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