Fall 2012 Menswear: Merging the Classic, Modern, and Quirky

In fashion, history is always a rich source of inspiration. This season, a lot of designers took a good look at the history of their fashion houses and from there, came up with a lot of classically cut suits with modern and quirky twists.

Donatella Versace in particular brought back the exuberance her brand is most known for and came up with fearless designs that you would either love or hate. Here are just some of them:

Let's start with this very flamboyant looking outfit. The colors and patters are wild but the cut and the silhouette are very classic.
Who can forget these studded leather jackets from her H&M line? They make a reappearance in the Fall 2012 runways.
And for the pièce de résistance: this very sparkly coat and shirt that could look so absolutely ridiculous but for me looks nothing short of brilliant on that model.

Now in contrast to the Versace show, the clothes in the Hermes Menswear collection had an air of understated elegance. Everything – from the fabric to the tailoring – looked lush and luxurious without the flashy embellishments characteristic of the Versace show.

Take this ensemble for example. It looks so easy and relaxed but at the same time, the shirt underneath looks very sharp.
I observed a lot of plums in color palette of this collection and don't they say the violet (which plum is a family of) is the color of royalty? This man in this impeccably tailored number could definitely pass off as modern day prince.

What other ways can we spice up a classic suit? With the use of colors of course! For this season, I think ACNE has done the job so well!

These jewel-toned colors are so vibrant yet at the same time, are also very understated. They catch the attention without being overtly vulgar.
Even I would like to own this lovely pale blue cardigan. It looks so soft and comfortable that I would like to rub my cheek against it.

If you still think that menswear is boring, then you better think again. Dries Van Noten’s collection, which he labeled as “psychedelic elegance,” was inspired by Frank Zappa and Oscar Wilde and it’s nothing short of a work of art!

See how he brings life to an otherwise boring suit with this very psychedelic pattern?
How could anyone not fall in love with this absolutely beautiful jacket?
The text on the jacket is apparently quoted from one of Oscar Wilde's works.

And lastly, for those who are wondering about where shorts fit into the equation, here’s Raf Simon’s take on them:

I'm glad to see that men's shorts are a bit longer now than super short shorts for Spring/Summer 2012 albeit being a bit tapered and skinny.
This look in particular looks a bit weird as it looks like the trousers have been unceremoniously chopped off. Not a fan.
But this one, especially the gradient on that jumper, looks cool minus the model's exaggerated fringe of course.

So that’s the end of my soliloquy on men’s fashion. I hope you guys and girls learned something from it or at least appreciated it. 🙂 Remember, we do not have to imitate the trends and copy them per se. They only serve as inspirations from which our own imaginations can flight. 🙂

Have a fashionable day ahead to all of you! Happy Chinese New Year!

P.S. All photos were taken from NowFashion.com. Check out the site now for the entire collections of the looks found here.

44 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Menswear: Merging the Classic, Modern, and Quirky

  1. that studded leather jacket reminds me of Michael Jackson. Those are uncanny collections. I just don’t know if men will really go into that kind of fashion. How would I know, I’m clueless when it comes to clothes and trends.. hehehe.


    1. Hi Julie, I don’t think many men will wear these clothes either. 🙂 Perhaps only the daring and fashion-conscious ones. 🙂 Even so, you can’t help but admire the artistry and creativity that went into those clothes 😀


  2. Did you take the photos yourself? Some fashion concepts are just weird like the last photo. I am no fashion expert, just a personal opinion though. Lol.


    1. Nope, I didn’t. All photos are taken from NowFashion.com Hahahaha it’s ok. I find some of the things here weird too but that’s what makes it so interesting right? 😀 A show would be so boring if everything is the usual 😛


  3. personal;y, i have mixed feelings when it comes to the over-colored jackets and the pants, and the other parts of the outfit. I’m more in the minimalistic side of fashion. It’s nice though, it shows different types of style and colors in play.


    1. You’re more of a Calvin Klein girl 🙂 His minimalistic suits are also gorgeous 🙂 Hehehe Just wanted to show the more flamboyant ones here.


  4. I love going to fashion show for I’m interested seeing ladies and gentlemen in the fashion show attire and apparel. In my high school days, I wanted to be in with the latest style of dress fashion. I remember that I took and wore the latest sewn shirt of my elder brother without his permission for, as I’ve said, wanted to feel that I was also “in”.

    Fashion thoughts from Gil Camporazo of RandomThoughts!


  5. Ang guguapo nila! Hehe… I like some Style lalo na yung coat type kaso we can’t use those here in the Philippines… I still enjoyed your post pa din.. Guapo nila! 😉


  6. the gradient sweater is so pretty! i remember seeing gradient shorts a few months back pero parang hindi naging uso?

    maganda din talaga tingnan ang mga loose jackets pero maganda ang pag drape nila if naglalakad na ang nagsusuot..


    1. Yes, I super love those gradient sweaters too! 😀 Not sure about the gradient shorts though! Hahaha 😀 The draping makes the clothes look so comfy noh? 😀


    2. Agree, the gradient looks very nice! That’s why I included it in this post. Hahaha Not sure about the shorts though :-s


  7. haha! i think i saw the gradient shorts sa bench and sa human. i’m not sure where else pero those two shops talaga. i think the shorts just disappeared?

    yep. maganda tingnan ang draping, mukhang comfortable and nice to use for lazy days 😀


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