Help Give this Angel a Chance at Life!

Today, I got a message through my blog asking for help to spread the word about little Aiyanna. This little angel was born with complex cyanotic heart disease  and needs all our help to allow her to undergo the necessary operations to save her life. She needs PHP600,000 to help fund this.

I couldn’t have possibly said no. Here’s her story taken from a blog dedicated to her and her cause:

Aiyanna was born with complex cyanotic heart disease (complete atrioventricular septal defect, single atrium, single ventricle, malpose great arteries, pulmonary stenosis, closed PDA). She has what they call single ventricle defect, which is a very rare congenital heart defect. This means that while the normal heart has four chambers (left and right atrium, left and right ventricle), Aiyanna’s heart only has a single atrium and a single ventricle and has only one heart valve instead of two. The many defects in her heart including the arteries and heart valves require critical care. It is a rare kind of complex cyanotic heart disease. Her latest 2D echo result suggests heterotaxy heart condition and she is considered for heterotaxy syndrome, another rare defect involving the arrangement of the heart and other organs in the chest and the abdomen manifesting malposition as well as abnormal symmetry. The complexity of such defects have long confused many doctors and up to this day, it is continuously undergoing study. The multiple issues with her heart requires three (3) stages of surgery. Your involvement in our fundraising to support her needs will give this little angel a chance to live and spread love and hope to all other children in the country affected with the killer infant disease.

Please take the time to visit her blog and read about her story:

Also, here are the more concrete ways by which you can help:

1. Buy an “I wanna grow up with a good heart!” t-shirt from this page: Events and Fundraising Page

2. And/or make a monetary Donation.

3. Visit her Facebook page and Spread the word!

Let’s do what we can, shall we?

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