Take Your Lips from Plain to Plush!

Last December, I wrote about Mary Kay’s Christmas present for myself and I promised to do a review as soon as possible. Well, during the holiday season, I went crazy testing the products. Wore the lip glosses every chance I got, during special occasions and even while I was just lounging at home. So now, I’m ready to make my assessment.

Before I get carried away, however, let’s start with the lip glosses in question – Mary Kay’s Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Red Passion and Fancy Nancy. Red Passion is a vibrant, vampy red that’s perfect for glamming up any evening look. Fancy Nancy, on the other hand, is a peachy pink gloss that I think is more appropriate for the day.

These lovelies are part of Mary Kay’s new line of glossies set to be launched to the public this coming February 2012, retailing at PHP700 each and available through Mary Kay’s beauty consultants.

I feel very privileged to be given the chance to test them before they’re out so that I can let you guys know what I think about these before you actually buy them. Hence, I’ll try to cover all the bases.

Right, let’s start with what makes these products special. Mary Kay claims to have taken a holistic approach to lip glosses because not only do these serve the purpose of adding color to the lips but also, these contain certain key ingredients that has skin care benefits. Apparently, it’s a multitasking gloss that also helps keep the lips healthy and looking younger. These key ingredients are as follows:

  • Pomegranate Sterol: helps strengthen skin barrier

Extracted from the lipid-rich portion of the pomegranate fruit, this humectant helps replenish an important component of the skin barrier.

  • Antioxidant-Rich Complex: helps protect, condition, soothe and smooth lips

Formulated with vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative plus plant-derived minerals, this antioxidant-rich complex helps protect lips from wrinkle-causing free radicals and environmental damage.Β  In addition, vitamin E is known for its skin-conditioning and soothing benefits, while the vitamin C derivative has been shown to target collagen production to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help smooth lips.

  • Aloe Leaf Extract: helps soften and calm skin

This botanical extract comes from the aloe plant, known for its softening and calming benefits.

I’m not sure about it actually making the lips look younger because this benefit is not very apparent on my own lips, but I did feel it being very moisturizing. I also noticed that my lips peeled less often when I wore these almost every day. In addition, unlike other lip glosses, these felt less sticky. The texture, instead, is more creamy rather than gooey. Both Red Passion and Fancy Nancy smelled really great too! I am in love with the scent! πŸ™‚

In terms of finish, both Red Passion and Fancy Nancy are very glittery. Sometimes, I hate glitter on my products because they look tacky but other times too, they can be absolutely lovely. I think Mary Kay got the glitter right on these. The glitters add just enough sparkle to make the lips look fuller and plumpier.

Of course, if you do not care for the glitters, there are other products in the line with different finishes, ranging from no shimmer to high shimmer.

Here's me sporting Fancy Nancy. As you can see, the color is a bit too sheer for my liking, but my mother loves it! She was very excited when she first saw me put this on. Maybe some of you may like this more natural looking gloss. By the way, sorry if I look tired. I took these photos around midnight and I'm more than ready to go to bed.
Then here's Red Passion, which I prefer among the two. I love how it's very pigmented! I don't even need to wear lipstick underneath to make the red intense. It's lovely enough on its own and promise, it's perfect for a night out!

Since I’m about to wrap up my review, let me not forget the doe foot applicator that goes with the product. I instantly noticed how very soft it was. Later on, I read how it’s a new applicator that promises to deliver “ultra-comfortable maximum-control color application.” Then I thought, “That’s why.”

Final verdict? I’d give this a 9/10. Not perfect only because I’m not really a fan of lip glosses myself. Red Passion, however, might make a convert out of me. Totally loving that product right now. I’d wear it everyday if I could but I’m saving it for special occasions. If you find the price point too steep, get Red Passion at the very least!


20 thoughts on “Take Your Lips from Plain to Plush!

  1. Glad you’re loving the products! Am a fan of Pink Luster myself. Fancy Nancy looks so pretty in the bottle, I was a little disappointed it turned out quite sheer. – Jerica


    1. Gotta ask my aunt for Pink Luster when it comes out in Feb! Hahaha Same thoughts about Fancy Nancy 😦 Thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜€


  2. nice review sis! πŸ˜‰ i have tried some mary kay’s make-ups but wala pa ang lipstick.. i think i’m gonna try din their lipstick.. thanks for the review.


    1. Haven’t tried their lipsticks yet. Will do that next πŸ™‚ I’m currently testing their concealer πŸ™‚


  3. hala. i want the red passion too. looks very good on you, ate mich. πŸ™‚
    the shade of fancy nancy is similar to clinique’s air kiss lip gloss πŸ™‚


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