What I Wish I Was Wearing: Tangerine Tango Trend

Since it’s the new year, everyone’s revisiting the top trends for Spring 2012. One of the buzz words among fashion bloggers and publishers alike is the color of the year declared by Pantone as “Tangerine Tango.”

My take on the color? I think it’s fun, bright the way I like my colors, and fiery! Because I like it, I think I can make the effort to actually incorporate it into my wardrobe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rhea of Style Imprints wrote about her take on the trend here. Meanwhile, here’s my take on the trend.

1. Just recently discovered that maxi skirts can indeed work for me, unlike my prior belief that I’d drown in one because I’m “vertically-challenged.” I’d like to own a maxi skirt in tangerine. It would look so fun!

2. Peplum skirts and abstract prints are two top trends in the spring 2012 runways. Why not incorporate this into the tangerine trend? I am absolutely in love with that abstract print dress from the Carven Spring 2012 collection!

3. For accessories, I want to have more platform shoes since they are very comfortable in addition to fashionable! Romantic pieces like the Aur necklace above are also on my shopping list. I won’t say no either to a statement piece like that Akris clutch.

4. Chiffon and button down tops are my favorite at the moment. These look chic but ย at the same time, appropriate to the Philippines’ humid climate.

Let’s see where this trend takes me shall we? ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? What do you think of the tangerine trend?

10 thoughts on “What I Wish I Was Wearing: Tangerine Tango Trend

    1. I guess they made it tangerine instead of orange to make it sound more trendy. In essence, i think it’s the same thing! ahahahhaha


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