2011 Favorite Food Places

As promised, I’m also going to do a rundown of my top food places for 2011. These are the places that have piqued my interest enough to make me want to come back and have made my mouth water with their delicious food options. Similar to my top beauty products post, I’ll just give a brief reason for picking the restaurant then link you all to the posts I made previously for a lengthier review.

Right, so get your tummies ready for these amazing restaurants that you should all definitely try out.

1. Number 1 on my list is Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie. Until now, my mouth still delights and craves for a repeat of the love affair with food I had at Aubergine. For sure, the items on the menu were pricey but every penny was well spent after partaking of the culinary masterpieces served at this French resto. Read more about this experience here.

2. Hwang So Korean Grill has to be second on my list. This year, my love for Korean cuisine has been certified, most of it thanks to affordable yet delicious food served at Hwang So. I loved this place so much I wrote about it twice, here and here.

3. For those with huge appetites, Sambokojin is definitely the place to go! With my love for Japanese and Korean food, I had the greatest pleasure of indulging myself at Sambokojin’s abundant buffet. See me grill my day away here.

4. The buffet at Timberland Heights’ Ridge Cafe is also an experience worth having. The food selection is also quite impressive plus variety is to be expected since the buffet theme changes every so often. I took a short video of the buffet here and wrote about the place here.

5. Last but not the least, I’d have to give credit to Milky & Sunny for making me realize that I can indeed love breakfast food though for the longest time, I have claimed to not be breakfast person. There’s pleasure to be found in biting into a piece of toast that’s loaded with egg and bacon. Yum! Read about Milky & Sunny here.

There you have it, folks! My favorite eating places for the year 2011. I can’t wait for 2012 and the other food discoveries that it will bring me. Here’s to another year of good restaurants and even greater food! Cheers! x


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