Post-Christmas Hangover

Today, I found a new online photo editor that’s even  better than the last one I was using. I’m brimming with geeky happiness! Pure joy, I tell you! Hahaha So, forgive me if this post is going to be loaded with Poinsettia-hued photos.

Christmas in the Philippines is long affair, that starts as early as August. News channels would often count down the days until Christmas until a frenzied excitement can be felt in the air as the day draws nearer. On Christmas Eve, everyone makes the effort to go all out with the food and celebration. In my family, we celebrate by going to Christmas mass in the nearby church, gathering with our relatives in my grandma’s house, eating noche buena (Christmas dinner) together, and exchanging gifts when the clock strikes 12.

For Christmas mass, I wore this ensemble. You might have seen the skirt (Forever 21) before because I wore it to our office Christmas party. I love it so much because I think the print's festive and very Christmas-y.
Sorry about the photo quality. Shooting in low light is so difficult and I didn't have enough time to use the manual settings. Anyway, I paired the skirt with a sheer button down top from Gelibean Couture, an onyx necklace from my mom, and my new wedges, which I got from an online store called "Megs na Zamboanga."
I love the bow detail on the shoes and the ankle straps. I also got a pair in cream. 🙂
Here's a closer look in the print on the skirt. It has a stretchy, wool-y fabric too so it really a Christmas skirt! 🙂
I even got my nails painted on Christmas morning to fit into the spirit of the season. I love Christmas! 😀
Anyway, I'm also sharing with you guys some of the stuff we had at our dinner table. 🙂
A favorite among Filipinos during any celebration is the roasted pig or lechon. This is very special because the skin is perfectly crispy while the flesh is succulent and flavorful.
Also took a photo of this pretty Chicken Hawaii. It's roasted chicken too cooked in a special sauce mixed with pineapples and potatoes.
There's also a healthy option for those on a diet. This special bowl of salad was made by my aunt.
My mom, on the other hand, made this Filipino dessert called "leche flan" or "milk flan." It's a creamy mixture made from eggs, milk, and a dash of lemon zest and liberally drizzled with caramel.

So there, those are just some of the things that happened to me this Christmas. How about you guys? How did you celebrate Christmas? I hope you all had a great one! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Hangover

  1. I love the ensemble lovely Mich! ❤
    I saw that skirt from f21's site..wanted to order a few from them sana.. but they shipping fee was twice the price of my orders! o___O kaya not nalang 😦
    My friend has that shoes too.. the cream one. cuuuteee!

    Where's that MEGS in ZAMBOANGA, mich? I haven't seen that store yet. hehehe 😀


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