OOTD: Flower Child

Going home to Zamboanga brings back so many memories. One of them is of me spending hours in the garden when I was a child. I used to fantasize about having my own Secret Garden after watching the movie of the same title so I spent my free time planting, talking to flowers, and making random potions out of them. Some of my favorite flowers include the bougainvillea (which I used to squeeze in water to make colored “juices”), the hibiscus (perfect to create water bubbles with), and the anthurium  (lovely flowers for church offerings).

When I grew up, this love for flowers translated into my unconscious attraction to flower prints in clothes. One such apparel of clothing is this skirt from Cotton On, which I found while thrifting one day.

I wore this while accompanying my mom with her grocery shopping today. The button down top is from Bangkok and the shoes are from Sebago. Thin fabrics are a must especially in this very hot city. Temperature today was at 31 degrees Celsius! Scorching!

Here are some of my mom’s flowers:

This orchid takes a lot of care to grow. My grandma also has her own orchid garden at her house. 🙂
Then my favorite Anthurium - a sexy plant that thrives best cool, shady places.
Lastly, the Euphorbia - my mom has several of this as this was the craze among plant lovers a few years back.

That’s it! Just a quick post before I go back to gift wrapping and cooking with my mom!

Have a very merry Christmas, y’all! Love you!!! x



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