Get Ready to Be Kissed with Snoe’s Beso Balm

It’s that time of the year when it’s very important that we get our lips ready for a lot of kissing! Although it’s not really part of the Filipino tradition, who knows when you might find yourself under a mistletoe with that someone you’ve been dying to smooch? Even with family members, I’m sure there are loads of beso (kisses) to be passed around. What about for when the clock strikes twelve at New Year’s Eve? Are your lips ready? Are you ready?

Well, if you’ve got dry lips like mine, then worry no more. I’ve found recently found a solution to my kissing worries in my Snoe Beauty stash – the Beso Balm!

The Beso Balm from Snoe Beauty adds a great twist to the traditional lip balms by using a special ingredient (sunflower seed oil) that gives a stinging sensation to lips to make it look plumper. Immediately after you apply it, you can feel your lips tingle as it reacts to the balm. Although the effect doesn’t last long, it gives you more reason to constantly apply your balm, which in turn keeps your lips moisturized all day long.

Great news too for people like me who like to eat their lipsticks, balms, and glosses. This has a minty flavor that also freshens the breath every time you drink water or I guess, lick your lips. Serves a dual purpose right? Exactly why it’s named the Beso Balm. It even comes with the warning, “Prolonged use may attract the opposite gender and cause excessive flirting.”

Cute, eh?

Here are my lips without the balm. Obviously looking dry.
Nicer looking lips with the Beso Balm on! πŸ™‚
Photo of my entire self with the balm on. It's perfect for natural, barely there makeup looks. πŸ™‚

I personally think this product’s great! I wear it often either before or after my lipstick. I’ve become addicted to the stinging sensation and the taste. πŸ˜›

You girls and boys better grab one too and start kissing away! Happy holidays!

5 thoughts on “Get Ready to Be Kissed with Snoe’s Beso Balm

  1. nice nice Mich! πŸ™‚ reminds me of chapsticks. hihihi πŸ˜€
    di ako masyadong mahilig sa lip balms.. rarely lang talaga pag nag drdry-out na talaga lips ko ng bonggang bongga. hihihi πŸ˜€


    1. I always nibble on my lips e that’s why they get dry always. I use lipbalm every night before I go to bed and sometimes during the day too πŸ˜›


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