Hwang So Good!

For those who stalk me on my blog, you might know that this is the second time I’ve written about this place. Hwang So is may absolute favorite Korean restaurant and I make it a point to eat there almost every week.

Usually, my friends and I order the Samkyupsal and WooSamkyup. Last Sunday, though, I decided to deviate and try something completely different – the Galmekisal and the Pork Galbi.

I won’t say much after this paragraph because I’ll be too busy ogling the food but feel free to salivate with me.

A Hwang So meal begins with the usual suspects that you get for free: fresh lettuce...
... Kimchi, which you should eat with caution because it might cause your tummy to go nuts...
... really good sweet potatoes for grilling...
... this filling lettuce and bean soup...
... a choice of sauces/dips (Sesame oil with salt and pepper, chili paste, and teriyaki sauce) ...
... this fluffy egg creation that you can't help but love...
... and lastly, this mouthwatering salad that can be a star on its own! Swear, I can go to Hwang So just to eat this lovely salad!
And now for the meat... here's the Galmekisal! Chunky, pork goodness!
The Pork Galbi marinated in a special sauce. Mmmhmmm...
Grilling the Galmekisal with the sweet potatoes. πŸ™‚
Then it's time for the Pork Galbi. Make sure to change the grill before putting the next batch of meat on so charred bits from the previous grill won't stick to the fresh meat.
Oh yummy, yummy meat! You guys better head over to Hwang So now!!!

For those who have been tempted to give this place a try (and I hope the photos made you drool), please visit them at Escriva Drive cor Gold Street, Ortigas, Pasig City. It’s right in front of Astoria hotel.

I promise, you guys won’t regret it. πŸ™‚

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