Disappointing Product: Shiseido’s Pureness Line

During my birthday last July, I got sample sizes of Shiseido’s Pureness line from a friend. I tried it for a few weeks and noticed how it improved my skin, so that convinced me to buy the full-sized bottles.

The entire line, including a facial wash, toner, and moisturizer, cost me about PHP2,800. Quite a hefty price so I expected it to be good. Lo and behold, as the title should have given away, I was sorely disappointed.

A few weeks after using the product, I noticed that I was breaking out on my forehead and on my chin. At first, I made excuses for it stating that maybe it was just because of the insane weather coupled with the fact that I made a huge switch in skincare product after years of using just one brand.

I pledged to at least use it for a month to really test its mettle. Eventually, I ended up using it for two months and noticed that I even got pimples on my cheeks now, which means that the situation is very bad since I rarely get them on my cheeks.

So as soon as this batch finishes, I shall be going back to my old skin care line. Thank God for Tony Moly’s Tomatox since it helps dry all my zits.

This is definitely a very disappointing product, especially coming from a good brand like Shisheido. What a waste of two thousand pesos.

Let me know if any of you have tried this product as well and what you think about it. I want to know if what I’ve experienced is exclusive to me.

14 thoughts on “Disappointing Product: Shiseido’s Pureness Line

    1. AGREE! That’s exactly how I felt. To think my first skin care products were way cheaper! UGH!

      Thanks for dropping by, Bianca! xxx


  1. Awww. Sad to hear that. Grabe no? So expensive ~_~ What I’m using is the Mini Size U line of Etude House. It helps with my oily face. Di na siya masyadong oily unless I use Nivea Sun — that gives me break outs kaya di ko na tinuloy yung paggamit nun. 😦 So far, the Mini Size U line helps me kasi even if the pimples are starting to appear already, the next day umiimpis na agad! πŸ˜€


    1. I’m planning to try Human Heart Nature’s skin care line next para naman Pinoy πŸ˜› I use Nivea Sun too sometimes but I dont break out naman. Hiyangan lang din siguro πŸ˜›


      1. I like the Sunflower Beauty Oil! Haha. Pero I have yet to get their actual makeup remover product. XD

        Hiyangan lang talaga ng products. Ang hirap talaga hahaha. Pero once you know what products work for you, that’s better na .


      2. I have a product na kasi that’s hiyang with me but I wanna try something new since Ive been using that one since i was in grade school! hahaha πŸ˜›


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