Spotted: Menswear Trends at Shang’s Holiday Fashion Show

To be fair to the men, I thought I’d make an attempt at documenting the menswear portions of the Retail to Runway fashion show last Saturday. Since I’m not at all an expert at what looks good and what doesn’t, I thought I’ll just comment on the trends I’ve observed during the shows.

First: Cardigans Koreanovela Style

I’ve mainly observed the frequent use of cardigans by men in Koreanovelas, hence the title. By using cardigans, I mean wearing it like a shirt rather than as outerwear. I think it looks hot because it lends a softer feel to any look, making men appear more “approachable” in my eyes.(Rustan’s)

(Kenneth Cole)

Second: Loud and Eye-Catching Shoes

When I think about shoes for men, the image that comes to mind are the typical loafers in conservative shades. Bright colors seem to be a thing mostly seen in sports shoes. I might be wrong, of course, but these shoes sure did stand out:Three-toned patent loafers from Crossings.Leopard print loafers from Crossings.

Third: Casually Stylish Boy Shorts 

Gone are the days when cargo shorts were the in thing. Today, perfectly fitted shorts are seen walking down the runway. A huge improvement since I’ve never liked cargos anyway.


(Daniel Hechter)

Fourth: Coats and Parkas

Perhaps it’s because the runway showcased global brands, but parkas and coats made their appearances during the show. Despite the sweltering heat in this country, these may still be used on during chilly nights.(Raoul)


Fifth: Playful Suits

These days, men have more freedom to play with the traditional three-piece suit look. That’s exactly what happened at the Bergamo show! 🙂

And that’s the end of my trend-spotting. Hopefully, you guys have found it useful. Sneaking in some time to blog while I’m here at the Ad Congress. 🙂











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