Retail to Runway: The Best of Luxury Women’s Wear from Shang’s Holiday Fashion Show

In Shangri-La Plaza’s annual Holiday Fashion Show, global trends reign on the runway as they showcased the hottest collections from top brands in the highly-anticipated “Retail to Runway.”

The show, divided into three segments namely Street Luxe, Electic Vintage and Luxury, was styled by F.A.S.H’s Ferdi Salvador and John Lozada, Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Mela de Luna, and MEGA Magazine’s Fashion Editor Angela Alarcon, respectively.

My favorite segment was Luxury, which featured lush and excitingly chic combinations of garments and accessories that’s perfectly in line with the coming Holiday season. Among those that walked the runway, here are my top picks from different brands:


One of my favorite brands in the show. I love the black and white ensembles, lace and Peter Pan collars, and this classy gold dress.


Winter was obviously in the air at Debenhams but I liked these two more tropical climate-friendly looks best.


Layering was the name of the game at M&S. Fell in love with these two looks:


Mico showcased a great selection of gowns for more formal occasions. I like the long red ones best.


It was the first time I’ve heard about Raoul and I thought their clothes were all right. This dress, in particular, I want for myself! I swear this model can sell me anything!


Meanwhile, the clothes at ZARA had an old world charm that I found so endearing. Loved the wide brimmed hats, the bright-colored trousers, and the fitted jackets!


Last but not the least in my top picks is this draped, printed silk dress from Rustan’s. I can imagine gliding in the arms of a hot boy on a paradise beach whilst wearing it. Perfect moment!

There we go then! Watch out for the next post on Menswear. Fingers crossed and wifi at CamSur willing, I can have that up on Thursday or Friday. 🙂

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