The Girls and the Boys at Cosmo’s 8 Sexiest Models Party

Tuesday night and there I was at Palladium at New World Hotel to attend a party celebrating Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 8 Sexiest Models of 2011. The last time I was there, it was my friend’s birthday and I had such a good time because the DJ played really good music. 

Attending the event with me was my friend Jeff from Boy in Plaid, whom I haven’t seen in ages…

…And my other friend RJ, who’s a whiz at hair curling. 🙂

Hosting the event was the very vivacious Joey Mead. It was difficult to get a normal shot of her because she was movement impersonated. Her exuberance was contagious! 🙂

Myrza Sison, Cosmpolitan Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, explains the point of the event, which is to give credit to Cosmo’s 2011 centerfolds while at the same time welcoming all the other centerfolds from the years past.

Out of the 8 top models, five were able to attend and here they are:

1. Samantha LewisShe was a sight to behold in this eye-catching red dress that emphasized her tiny waist so perfectly.

2. Vanessa MatsunagaDaniel Matsunaga being a hunk himself, it’s no wonder that his sister is just as gorgeous especially in this statement-making see-through cut-out dress.

3. Bea SorianoAh, I cannot help but be mesmerized by this Filipina beauty. Classy!

4. Ana Sideco When I first saw her editorial photos in Cosmo, it kind of reminded me of top model Shu Pei. She looked so edgy and hot. 🙂

5. Jessica YangFrom her tall frame to her lovely face, everything about her screams “model.” Even when she’s just sitting and waiting for her turn to be called on stage, she looks picture perfect.

Aside from these top models, also spotted at the event were Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio, Patty Bettita, and Bianca Valerio.

Everyone at the event seemed so tall that I almost felt like a midget beside them. Hahaha… Never mind though, because despite my 5-foot frame, I was given a slight chance to be a Cosmo cover girl.

P.S. For more photos of hunky men during the event, please visit Boy in Plaid’s post here.

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