OOTD: Freya Halloween at Yehey!

This year, our company decided to host its first ever Halloween party. I was so excited, I used it as an opportunity to dress up as my favorite character at the moment – Chi/Freya from Chobits.

If you haven’t seen this anime yet or read the manga, then you better do so! It’s super cute and lovely! Made me cry too! 😀

Dress – Criminal Damage UK; Shoes – Payless; Headband – Comic Alley; Wig – from my cousin, Ella.

Thanks so much to Kim for the photos. Jo-ann and Pao for being great creative directors! Hahaha 🙂

Happy Halloween, Everyone! 😀



2 thoughts on “OOTD: Freya Halloween at Yehey!

    1. No I don’t! Hahahaha This was my first time! I love dressing up though but more for when I do photoshoots with friends 😛 Cosplay’s an expensive hobby e.


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