Why You Should Line Your Lips

I don’t wear lip liners often but I cannot discredit the many benefits that can be gained from wearing these. No matter your purpose or the look you want to achieve, it’s always handy to have a lip liner pencil or two in your kit.

So why should you line your lips? Several reasons:

1. To Define and Outline: Lip liners are good for defining your lips and making sure that you have a nice, clean outline. It keeps your lipstick from bleeding outside the lips’ natural shape hence keeping the look neat and classic.

2. Fuller lips.  For those who aren’t blessed with naturally full lips, a lip liner can help you “cheat” nature and give you the appearance of plumper, more luscious kissers. All you have to do is draw the outline a few millimeters outside the natural lip line, fill it in with the liner, your lipstick, and/or your favorite lip gloss, then voila! Instantly fuller lips!

3. Longer-lasting Lip Color. If you want a lip color to last longer than usual, then use a lip liner to fill in your lips before applying lipstick on top. A good liner will serve as the perfect base for your lipstick so that as it fades away, you are left with a nice second layer of color.

4. Correct and Reshape. As much as a lip liner can give you the illusion of fuller lips, a nude one may also help your full lips appear thinner. Actually, you can use it to correct any “imperfections” you perceive there to be, i.e. correct the slightly uneven shape of your lips, etc. You can also use it give your lips a new shape. For example, when you’re copying the look of a celebrity who has a different lip shape to yours, a lip liner can help you replicate it.

5. Stand-alone Matte Lip Color. If you’ve run out of matte lipsticks, you can use a lip liner in its stead. Shape and fill in your lips as usual to give it a matte finish.

For those willing to give lip liners a try, Nichido is a good yet affordable product for beginners. At about PHP100+ per liner, it definitely won’t burn a hole in your pockets but at the same time, the quality is reasonably good.

I suggest the colors Blaze (bright red – top) and Rosette (lip tone pink – bottom) because these are particularly useful. Blaze, for instance, is very good when used with a bright red lipstick on a night out. Rosette, on the other hand, is such a perfect color for everyday, natural looks.

Nichido is available in Watson’s, SM Department Store, Landmark, Robinson’s Department Store, and probably other leading department stores nationwide. Definitely give these a try and let me know what you think. 🙂

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