Well-Groomed Brows at the Brow Studio

Perhaps one of most important feature on a person’s face are the eyebrows. Although these are often overlooked by many, beauty experts have been emphasizing for ages the importance of well-groomed brows. Depending on the shape, these strips of hair can definitely frame the face for the better or worse.

Hence, when a group-buying deal became available for the Brow Studio, I went on and bought it. Three sessions cost me PHP350. Not bad.

Located at the 5th level of SM Megamall, the store cannot be missed as its clashing bright yellow and purple hues beckon to the eyes.

The interior is simple and fuss-free with added touches of elegance, i.e. the chandelier and the purple lounges.

All first-time clients are encouraged to undergo a brow design session, wherein a brow expert looks at the shape of your brows and contours it in a way that best suits your face. If you’ve never done anything with your brows before, then this is particularly helpful.

My brows, however, have already been shaped previously so there’s not much work to be done. I didn’t really see the effects of the brow design.

The lady who threaded my brows, however, was commendable because she did it quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than a slow threader! I don’t like needlessly prolonging this painful process.

After the threading was done, soothing cream was rubbed on my throbbing skin. When the pain eased a bit, the lady offered to fill in my almost invisible brows so that I can better appreciate its new shape.

I can honestly say that I’m happy with the result. Despite my lack of direction, she ended up shaping my brows just the way I like it. Good job! 🙂

For more info, visit their Facebook page here.

Regular Prices:

Brow Clean-up (Cleaning and removing excess hair): PHP188

Brow Design (Shaping and cleaning): PHP328

Brow Definition (Shaping, cleaning and brow color): PHP768.


4 thoughts on “Well-Groomed Brows at the Brow Studio

  1. Hi Mich! I always went to Browhaus but it’s quite expensive so I’m gonna give this place a try tonight. Hope it’s as good too!


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