Food Stops on the Road to Porac

In the mountains of Porac, Pampanga my aunt owns a piece of land that she calls her farmville. Last Saturday, she, my cousin, and I all went there to check out how it’s doing.

These are just some of the food stops we made along the way.

Stop 1: Bugsy’s Grill

There’s no other word to describe this place than “disappointing.” It was a depressing meal since the food was bland and the servings small. The only thing interesting about the place were the the drinks. My aunt had the cucumber shake and I got this huge red iced tea glass.

Even the dessert, banana a la mode, which looked so good in the photos, tasted so-so in actuality. I won’t even bother to post photos of the dishes we each had.

Stop 2: Razon’s at the Mega Station

The second stop was thankfully much better. It had to be, though, because it had a reputation to uphold. We went to a franchise of the famous Razon’s, home of what’s supposedly the best tasting halo-halo in the Philippines.

There, we first had a tamal, the Filipino version of a Mexican tamale. It’s made from a mixture of ground rice, ground peanuts, and coconut milk, topped with a generous amount of chopped salted eggs. In Zamboanga City, our version also has pancit bihon (thin noodles) and pieces of shrimp with it. This was really good! 🙂

We also had their palabok, which frankly, is nothing special.

And, of course, their famous halo-halo that’s brimming with heaps of leche flan (egg custard). YUM, YUM! I have had this popular Filipino dessert for two consecutive days! I have no reason not to be happy. 🙂

I’m sure this week’s gonna go just fine with these in my belly. 🙂

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend!

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