A Clean Slate with Maybelline’s Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

One of the big skincare must that I’m sometimes guilty of not following is sleeping with makeup on. Although some say that doing so doesn’t really do much, I believe that it’s important to let your skin breathe and to “unclog” it at the end of every day. An unclean face is the perfect place for pimples to grow!

There are some makeup products, however, that are difficult to remove with facial wash alone. My waterproof mascara, for example, needs an extra bit of cleansing to completely get rid of. Unless I want to rub my eyes out of their sockets, I find it a better idea to use a makeup remover instead. It’s for cases like this that I turn to the Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

The idea is simple: Use this before your facial foam to initially remove any eye makeup or lipstick. Just shake the bottle first before putting some on a  clean cotton ball. Gently swipe over the eye lids or lips then, presto! Stubborn makeup is removed.


1. Although the formula feels oily (because it’s necessary to remove oil-based makeup), it doesn’t feel slimy on the skin. I’d give plus points to this product on that alone.

2. also very affordable (PHP329) despite it being effective so I see no reason to switch to a more high-end brand. I have tried a Shisheido makeup remover and there’s no real difference between the two.

3. It has never caused me to break out but then again, I always wash my face after. 🙂

So for those looking for good makeup remover, definitely give this one a try.

4 thoughts on “A Clean Slate with Maybelline’s Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

  1. I use this too 🙂 Though sometimes I get paranoid about how effective it is when removing mascara XDDD I’ve only started using mascara often enough recently. ^^;;; But yeah, it’s pretty good at removing my makeup especially eyeliner and the tinted lip balm I am using. (That tint really stays long!)


    1. Hahahaha why naman paranoid? 😛 You can always wash your face after to make sure 😛 Thanks for visiting my blog often, Clair! 😉


      1. I dunno but I just am paranoid about makeup staying on my face hahaha. Sometimes I think I imagine my eyelashes are longer now for some reason or another ahaha. XD Makes me wonder if the mascara is stuck ahahaha.

        Oh and I love visiting your blog. For some reason, I think that you’re one of the bloggers whose product reviews are interesting to me. Plus you talk about other stuff too, like food~!


  2. Yeah! I get that feeling too! That mascara has made my lashes longer.. but I don’t get anxious about it. Hehehe Don’t worry! Worst case would be that you have breakouts.

    Aww.. thanks, Clair! 😀 Hearing that makes all my efforts worth it. I should add your blog to my blog roll pala 😛


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