Troubles with Frizzy Hair? Try Avon’s Advance Techniques Hair Treatment

Having naturally kinky hair, keeping it manageable has always been a problem, especially now that my roots are growing out from the re-bonding treatment I had last February. A few months back, my aunt gave me this Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Hair Treatment to help me with my problem. I shall write my thoughts on it in this review.

This treatment is a leave-on formula that you apply to your damp hair. After making sure that you’ve got it on evenly and all over, you then have to start blow-drying it. Blow-drying is essential when using this product. Otherwise, the effect is very minimal. What it does really is make the effects of blow drying last longer.

All these, Avon attributes to its break-through lotus shield technology that blocks up to 97% of humidity keeping the hair smooth and manageable for three days.

My thoughts?

I think it does help keep the hair smooth and well-behaved. It’s really good, in fact. However, I find it such a hassle to blow dry my hair every time so I end up not using this often. If you don’t mind waking up early though to put some time into fixing your hair, then you better try this product.

Also, use only a small amount on your hair. Although it’s very tempting to just dump a load of product on in the hopes that doing so would tame your unruly curls, don’t do it! Using too much will make your head feel sticky. Trust me, I know.

The price is very affordable as well. It retails for about PHP350 for a 60ml bottle.



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