Sebago October Collection for Men

Just recently, I got to know the brand Sebago because I joined one of their promos on Facebook. The company was started in 1946 by three New England natives who patterned their first pair of hand-sewn loafers after Indian moccasins. The design coupled with the excellent craftmanship flew off and rest was history!

This month, Sebago has a couple of new shoes on the rack for men. These are part of their October collection. For the Sebago fans out there or for those looking to invest in some sturdy yet cool docksides, these might be of interest.

Beacon Midnight Blue – PHP5399.75

Docksides Charcoal – PHP4899.75

Docksides Lavender – PHP4899.75

Docksides Mushroom – PHP4899.75

Docksides Pink – PHP4899.75

Docksides Royal Blue – PHP4899.75

Docksides Off White Blue – PHP4899.75

In other news, I got my own docksides from Sebago last Saturday. They’re really pretty and I can’t wait to wear them out and take some photos! 😀

For more information, check out the official Sebago Philippines page here.


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