Six Fashion Trends at the NYFW Spring – Summer 2012

Since I love watching fashion shows, I have decided to go through the collections of some of my favorite designers in the New York Spring – Summer 2012 Fashion Week and spot some trends. Although I don’t necessarily follow these trends, it’s still nice to keep myself up to date.

1. Athletic Couture

One of the buzz words in New York this season is “athletic couture.” A lot of designers seemed to have gone out of their way to create collections that add glamour to sportswear. The use of mesh, nylon, and jersey were all over the place in an effort to introduce couture to the gym.

2. Asymmetrical Hems and Front Slits

This season, long dresses are still on trend but most have asymmetrical hems that are shorter in front and longer at the back. Slits in front also seem to be a preference especially in Vera Wang’s show.

3. Androgynous Look

Although the androgynous look has been around for quite some time, it has once again made a come back in some of the runway shows in the season. It’s interesting to note how this has also sprouted an androgynous makeup trend, which Lisa Eldridge did a tutorial of recently.

4. Vintage Silhouettes and Portrait Necklines

This is my most favorite trend of them all since I like vintage fashion. Dress silhouettes reminiscent of the ’60s have been spotted strutting down the runway. Moreover, adorable portrait necklines are also on trend.

5. Prints, Bright Colors, and One-Piece Suits

A slew of patterns in different colors exploded in New York Fashion Week. With these are notable presence of jumpsuits and one-piece suits. I wonder when I’ll finally succumb to this trend. I still don’t believe that jump suits look nice on short people. Anyone want to prove me wrong?

6. Tribal Glamour

When has a season been complete without a designer going on a trip to Africa? This time around, it was Michael Kors that did it and brought us this African safari – inspired collection.

Disclaimer: Original photos are from Vogue.

4 thoughts on “Six Fashion Trends at the NYFW Spring – Summer 2012

  1. waaaaah Mich. I’m going crazy with Vera Wangs Collection. they are awesome. :)) love. love. Also the Narciso Collection, it was very interesting and eye-catching. 🙂 Of course, I won’t forget the black top with orange circle as if it was sunset. :)))


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