Doll Face Cosmetics 16-piece Brush Set Review

Before I even proceed with my actual review of the product, I will first tackle the most contentious issue that may arise as a result of this: the use of animal hair in makeup brushes.

Over the past decades, as people have become more aware of the issue of animal rights, there have been debates regarding the ethical use of animal hair in makeup brushes. The over-all consensus would be the preference for cruelty-free brushes, which are more often than not synthetic. To this consensus, I agree in principle. As much as possible, I, too, do not want to see animals hurt.

However, as to my belief there is a lack of affordable yet good quality synthetic brushes out in the Philippine market at the moment, I will have to concede to buying animal hair brushes for no for practicality’s sake. As much as I want to buy the MAC synthetic brushes, these are beyond my budget. If anyone can point me to a brand in the Philippines that’s cruelty-free, affordable, and dependable, then feel free to do so.

That being said, let me proceed with my review of the Doll Face Cosmetics 16-piece brush set.

Most of the brushes here are made from squirrel and sable blend hair. The set contains the following brushes (list taken from the seller’s site):

  • 1 pc large powder brush
  • 1 pc blush brush
  • 1 pc angled contour blush
  • 1 pc large fluff brush
  • 1 pc eyeshader brush
  • 2 pcs eye shader brushes
  • 1 pc fluff brush
  • 1 pc mini fan brush
  • 1 pc mini shader brush
  • 1 pc lip brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc eyeliner brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc angled eyeliner brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc sponge tip applicators
  • 1 pc lash brush/spooly
  • 1 pc eyebrow brush/comb

For a starter set, I would say that this actually serves its purpose. It contains all the brushes you could possibly need and the quality is not bad for the price (PHP1,000). Yes, I have to admit that some of the bristles are not as soft as I want them to be but this can be tamed in time.

Among all the brushes in the set, I especially like the eye shaders and the fine eyeliner brush as the former is able to pick up products well and the latter makes putting on gel eyeliner very easy. These have allowed me to better play with makeup and for that, I am grateful. 🙂

In addition, I also like that these brushes come in a handy tooth-hound foldable case that makes storing and lugging them around easy. Not only does this case keep your brushes organized, but it’s also more hygienic than just dumping them all inside a bag.

Being made out of animal hair, these brushes are absorbent and porous in nature thus making them better suited for use with powder-based products rather than cream products. I believe using them with cream ones would result more of the products getting stuck to the brush rather than on your face. Moreover, its absorbent property also allows it to retain moisture, chemicals, dead skin cells, etc so regular washing and cleaning is a must! Otherwise, you encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi over time.

Just a word of caution while cleaning: never dry the brushes with the bristles up as this allows the water to trickle down to the glue, loosening it up, hence causing the hair to fall out. Animal hair brushes are already prone to shedding as they are. That actually annoyed the hell out of me when I first used these but I read that it’s more or less natural for these types of brushes so I learned to deal with it. But yeah, expect a bit of shedding!

Lastly, for those with sensitive skin, these are not hypoallergenic so if you’re prone to allergies, stir away from these and get synthetic ones instead.

Over-all, I’d give this a 7/10 rating.

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