Goals, Plans, and Extra Motivation

This past year, I have been living my life aimlessly, with only a vague plan in mind. I knew I wanted to earn a decent living, travel, and eventually, be with the love of my life. (Cheese, anyone?)

However, unlike the more organized people my age, I did not have a five-year plan, clearly detailing the steps I should take to reach my goals. I convinced myself I’d be better off being flexible, leaving most of my fortune to the fates. Although not quite a bad idea, I guess I’ve taken it too much to heart because now,Β I feel like I’ve lost my path. After floating around too long without purpose, I have lost sight of my goals.

Hence, I thought it was time that I organize my life. To be honest, I still don’t see myself drafting a five-year plan because that’s just not me, but I guess I should start with small, achievable goals. Here’s my list:

Goal 1: Get a Lumix LX3 Camera by December

I desperately need a camera of my own especially now that I’m taking blogging seriously. The camera on my phone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Eventually, this camera will be essential for my future goals.

Goal #2: Buy a Macbook Pro by Early Next Year

Since my Powerbook, Aoi, died, life just hasn’t been the same. I miss using a Mac. Although this work-issued HP laptop has served me well, it cannot compare with the experiences I had with my mac. 😦

Goal #3: Travel to Hong Kong / Taiwan / Bangkok

It has always been my dream to travel to these countries. I need to save up to be able to afford another trip abroad. Hopefully, I can do this next year with friends or Thomas, if he is able to save enough as well πŸ™‚

That’s it! Those are my goals for this year until next year. With these in my mind, I now have a motivation to work more and to save. No more unplanned expenditures for me. I need to stop buying makeup and shoes. From this moment on, I have my eyes on the prize!

(Disclaimer: All the photos in this post are not mine. Just used Google Images to find them. Credits belong to the original poster.)

10 thoughts on “Goals, Plans, and Extra Motivation

  1. good luck sa goals! curios lang ako mich, bakit lumix lx3 gusto mong bilhin? I’m planning to buy a cam too in the near future so i’m gathering some feedback from people on different models hehe…


  2. Hi Ye, I asked around too and my boss, who’s a photography enthusiast, recommended this. The Lumix LX series is touted is the best camera to accompany professionals who love DSLRs but find it a hassle to carry those around all the time. The images are incredibly sharp because of the Leica lens (although of course DSLRs are better) and it allows you to take HD videos. I’m actually buying the LX5 (the version after LX3) because it allows you to zoom in and out during video mode. πŸ™‚

    This rivals the Canon S95, which is in the same category as this camera.


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