Lips of the Day (LOTD): Confident in Coral / Milky Peach

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to sport some bright coral lips.  I just didn’t have the right lipstick with the perfect shade to use. Guess where I finally found THE lipstick?

My favorite store of the moment: Tony Moly at SM Megamall! 🙂

Let me introduce to you Tony Moly’s Kiss Lover Lipstick in Milky Peach (PC01). As the name suggests, the color looks like peach milkshake, or what I would label as “coral.”

Coral, I think, is such a pretty, girly color. It’s not as scary as orange but has just enough brightness to give it an oomph.

This particular product gives the lips a high-shine, glossy effect. Despite that, the color when applied remains true to the color seen on the stick unlike other glossy lipsticks that glide on sheer. I would say that the texture is very creamy and smooth although thankfully, the lipstick bullet itself seems sturdy enough. I have had problems before with cremesheen lipsticks breaking too easily. Glad to note that it’s not the same for this one (unless you press it really hard when applying, I guess).

Accordingly, this also contains vegetable oil and some vitamins thus giving the lips a moisturized feel. Again, make sure to wear it on exfoliated lips as dry skin is emphasized with this lipstick as well. 😛

Stupid me forgot to swatch the product and take a photo using the DSLR so I have to make do with the web cam. I took two photos to make allowances for the poor lighting.

I know, I know, the first photo looks random and disgustingly cutesy (my attempt at being Korean) and yes it was taken in my room after a long day at work. It’s not the best photo but bah! Bear with me, ok? Focus on the lipstick instead. Hehe.

Me thinks that this would be the perfect lipstick for a nice day out. I can totally see myself wearing a dainty sundress with this on my lips. I would be wary about wearing this at night, though. I wore it to my cousin’s debut at a bar and flash photography kind of ruined the effect since it washed out the color, making me look sickly. Perhaps another shade would be better. 🙂

Again, another thumbs up from me for Tony Moly’s Kiss Lover Lipstick! 🙂

P.S. My boyfriend said I looked especially nice with this makeup on so extra points to this lipstick for that. *kilig*

9 thoughts on “Lips of the Day (LOTD): Confident in Coral / Milky Peach

      1. ah yeah! 😀 i saw that too 😀 hahaha go for it! sabihan mo ko anong nabili mo or post a link to your blog post 🙂


  1. So torn! I also just saw the Etude House sale (Sept 15-Oct15). May isang lipstick yung Look at My Lips (Paparazzi Coral/Shade #9) na parang ganito rin. Lolwhut. Addiction na ito.

    I really want coral lippies! I will test them all and decide XD Will reply na lang with the blog link when I decide. Btw, I blog on 🙂 I am such a noob with makeup so I’m really happy to see bloggers who love sharing their reviews.


  2. Ok, I’ll check your tumblr account 🙂 Yeah, just go to mega mall where there’s both etude house and tony moly then swatch the products at the back of your hands to compare which shade of coral you like best. This one pala is about PHP300++

    Good luck! 🙂


  3. So I got Look at My Lips #9 tonight haha! XD Well it is more of a nude shade on my lips. Which is something I like. Next time, I’d be more adventurous and try out a more coral shade like this Tony Moly lippie you shared. (Or the Tony Moly Milky Tint in peach.) Maybe sa next payday 😉 But I have yet to get a mascara so baka unahin ko yun. I’m currently eyeing the Maybelline Hello Kitty mascara. The reviews are so nice. Plus it’s Hello Kitty!


    1. Take a photo and share the link with me 😀 I wanna see! I’ve never tried the Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascarra but my favorite one is the cat eye volum express mascarra from maybelline. I’m supposed to do a review on them in the coming weeks 🙂 Hehe


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