My Essential Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette

Many months ago, I got this Sleek Storm Palette from the UK. Took me a while to finally write about it because I’m lazy. However, I can’t help but think, that this is just the right time to do it because today, I can definitely say that I ADORE this palette. It’s one of my makeup essentials.

First, let’s talk about the colors. This contains a complete range of shades and textures for both day and night. Mix a bit of shimmery gold, vanilla, and matte brown, then you have your perfect everyday look. Play with the shimmery blues or green and matte black, then you’re ready for a night out. You can even use a mixture of the matte brown and black to fill in your brows. That’s what I do everyday. 🙂

Secondly, each color in the palette is very pigmented so what you see is basically what you will get once you put it on. I find this true for most Sleek products that’s why love this brand so much. Building up definitely wont be a problem. Blending too is easy as the shades are very blendable.

Here’s the swatch of the shades without flash. The lighter shades aren’t very visible, I know. That’s why I took another photo of the swatches with flash.

Much better, right? I kinda mistakenly switched the positions of the shimmery pink and gold on top so just take note of that. 🙂

You haven’t heard the best thing about this palette, though — It’s VERY AFFORDABLE. This cost me only about 7 pounds (PHP490) because I asked Thomas to buy it directly from Boots in the UK. Their website sells it for 10 pounds (PHP700). Incredible deal for such great quality, I say!

It can’t be all good right? There has to be a catch. Well, the catch is it’s not available in the Philippines. I haven’t found anyone selling it online either so you have to ask someone from the UK to buy it for you or order it via their website. Sad, innit?

Seriously, though, you must find a way to get it for yourself. You will adore it just as much. Promise. 😉


Just found an online store in the Philippines that sells Sleek iDivine Palettes. Check out Digital Traincase.

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