Pretty Pastel Nails from Tony Moly’s Indian Pink

Once I like a particular brand, I stick to it for life. Even more so when its store is so conveniently located near my work place. Hence why I have become a repeat purchaser of Tony Moly products.

One of the things that caught my fancy this month is their range of pastel-colored nail polishes. I positively swooned when I saw them post it on their Facebook page. Since I’m trying to control my expenditures, I limited myself to buying only one color for trial.

Because I couldn’t really decide what to get, I had my friend choose for me. I was torn between Cloud (a pastel blue color), Forsythia (a pastel yellow color), and this, Indian Pink. In contrast to myself, Kim likes soft and almost nude colors so she unerringly went for the Indian Pink. I should have known! 🙂

Anyway, this is how it looks like once it’s on. True to the color on the bottle, it’s a very pale shade of pink that’s just a shade away from being completely nude. Perfect for the office, I think. Definitely more appropriate than the neon colored nails I often sport. 🙂

Other Observations:

– This costs PHP98 per bottle, by the way. Not a bad price in my opinion considering how the color is just lovely.

– Chips easily on me but then I’m not in the habit of putting on a base and topcoat because I’m too lazy to do so. Might last longer if done properly.

– Expect a strong odor when applying the product on the nails. I think I got a bit high smelling it. Haha.

My next purchases would definitely include Cloud, Forsythia, and Milky Mint. I can’t wait until it’s payday once more! Eek! 😀

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