A Rose Romance Collection: Beauty Powder in ‘Blush of Youth’

Last July, my friend Joey gave me this cute beauty powder from Mac for my birthday. Immediately, I fell in love with the design and was almost hesitant to use it. This product is from the limited edition “A Rose Romance Collection.” Unfortunately, it’s no longer being sold in stores but in the happenstance that they will bring this out again, I will share my review with everyone. I can’t resist writing about something as pretty as this! 🙂

In terms of color, this product provides very sheer coverage. Thus, it’s usefulness very much depends on your purpose. For instance, it will take a bit of building up to make the color show. Hence, if you’re going for a bright cheek, then this is definitely not the product you’re looking for. However, if you’re going for an over-all touch of healthy color to the face, then this is the product to try.

I tried my best to swatch it but as I mentioned, the color is very sheer so I had a hard time making it appear on camera. It’s a really light shade of pink with fine shimmers in it. I use it mostly when I do strong eyes and I don’t want any other bright colors on my face.

I wouldn’t say that this is a must-have but it’s one of those things that are nice to have on your kit because it’s very pretty to look at. I’m glad that it was given to me as a gift because I personally wouldn’t think it very practical to splurge on this. 😀

2 thoughts on “A Rose Romance Collection: Beauty Powder in ‘Blush of Youth’

    1. Another Michelle 🙂 Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Lovely blog you got there! totally adore your style! 😉


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