Revlon’s ‘Pink Pout’ and ‘Mauve It Over’

Recently, I’ve been going crazy over Matte lipstick. There’s something very classy and elegant about matte lips. This is why when I was checking out the Duty-Free selections at the Singapore Budget Terminal, I was inevitably drawn to Revlon’s range of matte lipsticks. For one, Revlon is very affordable especially when it’s duty-free (a tube costs about S$7, approximately PHP250) and secondly, I absolutely trust in the quality of their products.

Due to my post trip limited budget, I had to carefully go through each color in the range and pick out what I thought were the best. In the end, I chose Pink Pout and Mauve It Over.

Despite the matte texture, these glide on very smoothly, which is quite surprising. I also have Revlon’s Really Red (another matte lipstick from a different line) and that was a bit difficult to put on because the formula was drier. These, however, are much better since the finish is matte but the product itself still has a bit of moisture and creaminess to it.

(Left – Mauve It Over; Right – Pink Pout)

Another thing I love about these lipsticks is how the colors are true to form. The pay off’s really good because the pigments are rich.

Pink pout (bottom) is a bright pink that gives an instant pop of color to the face. It’s best worn during the day, I think, because I wore it to an event at night once and the color didn’t appear well on flash photography. It ended up looking washed out.

Mauve It Over (top), on the other hand, is a color I truly adore since it’s very natural and it’s just right to make me look healthy. Though it appears dark on my hands, it’s actually the perfect tone to match the color of the lips.

I’ve used these for a week now and I did notice how these wear off well. The color just fades subtly without leaving glaring marks where the lipstick has rubbed off. A tip before wearing these, though, is to make sure that the lips have been exfoliated as the texture might emphasize flaky lips.

Since I don’t have anyone to take my photo, I had to make do with using the webcam to snap pictures of the product when worn. Forgive the low quality. As much as possible, I’m trying to use a better camera for my photos given people’s feedback. 🙂

Pink Pout

Mauve It Over

There we go! I hope this review helped those of you who are looking to invest in a good matte lipstick. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Revlon’s ‘Pink Pout’ and ‘Mauve It Over’

  1. Both colors look lovely! Haha. Because of this, I think I will buy one (or both) from Duty Free when I go to Singapore in October. Is it just me or bloggers buy some really nice products from the Duty Free shops? 😀 Definitely bookmarking this post. Thank you once again! ❤


    1. hahaha well cheaper kasi pag duty free kaya take advantage na 🙂 Thank you too for taking the time to browse through my blog 🙂


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