Do Animal Prints Scare You?

Animal prints, I think, are scary. As much as possible, I try to stir clear of it when I buy my things. Primarily, this fear stems from the perspective that it’s so easy to go on the tacky and slutty side with it. (Think pornstar wardrobe.)

I do realize, however, its potential to be chic and classy. To be honest, although it terrifies me, I quite like animal prints. This is why I very much admire and envy those people who can fabulously pull it off. It takes confidence and a real sense of style to wear these prints well.

So, while searching for the middle ground between my fascination and fear, I realized that I like animal prints best on sunglasses. I think it makes the usual black shades quirkier and more interesting. As of the moment, I’m starting my collection with only two sunglasses:

(From Kinetix Eyewear – gift from my Aunt)

(Bought on sale from Forever 21, about PHP255)

Both of these I absolutely adore! If you guys have any suggestions on how to wear animal prints or where to buy more of these sunglasses, do let me know. I’m dying to include these in my wardrobe! 🙂

Hope everyone’s had a great holiday!


5 thoughts on “Do Animal Prints Scare You?

  1. i wonder why animal prints ended up that way noh? could be due to all the fake fur around and people wanting to look wealthy wearing them but without the other non-essentials luxuries like regular baths & proper grooming. it could also be the porn stars, but honesty i’ve never seen any in spots


    1. Hahahaha i think it’s because animal prints are associated with being sexy so everyone wanting to sell sex has been wearing tacky versions of these prints. Observe the girls in bars or the red light district. Most are wearing itsy bitsy garments in animal prints. 😛


  2. I definitely agree. But recently I’ve started to really like animal print! Well, mostly leopard or cheetah print. Not really zebra or snake skin haha. I think it’s really cute if you wear like a leopard print belt or ankle booties. I just bought black cheetah print tights, and because they’re so dark it’s really subtle but adds just enough flair to be fun 🙂 check out my tights on this post


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