Longer Lasting Makeup with Mary Kay Foundation Primer

The day before I left for Singapore, I found a surprise was waiting for me when I got home from work. The good people at Mary Kay apparently sent me this cute bag with their foundation primer on it. Since this was the first time this has happened, I was really thrilled!Of course, just to make it clear, I wasn’t in any way obliged to write about it and I definitely don’t feel like I ought to give them a good write-up just because they sent me the product. What I’ll do, however, is give it a more or less fair review.

The Mary Kay Foundation Primer, one of the company’s newest products, retails at about PHP1,300 for a 29ml tube. I think it’s quite pricey but objectively, it is in about the same price range as any other primer in the market. Some are even much more expensive. It’s suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin, since it’s oil- and fragrance-free.

For those who are not very familiar with what a primer does, its purpose is to smooth and even out the skin, creating that perfect base on which to lay down the foundation. Thus, not only does it make the skin look much more flawless, but also, it helps keep the makeup in place for much longer.

The product itself comes in the form of a clear gel that can easily be squeezed out of the tube and applied all over the face. I like using my fingers to make sure that it goes on evenly. A thin coat all over is all that one would need.

As it says in the box, it indeed feels very lightweight, a necessary factor since there’s nothing ickier than the feel of so much makeup on the face. I appreciated this fact even more since I wore it all the time during my stay in Singapore. I needed the primer to keep my makeup in place since I was out all day long (think morning until the wee hours of dawn) without the chance to put on some fresh makeup in between.

I used it on the day when we went to Sentosa and did a lot of walking. Since it was very hot and humid there, things got a little bit sweaty. Although I needed to do a bit of powdering after a while, I think that my foundation at least stayed in place. I was glad to note that there were no ugly patches on my skin that showed the parts were the foundation has rubbed off. I do believe that at the end of the day, it still looked fine, though not perfect. Considering that it was after more than 12 hours out, the product served me well.

(About past 11 P.M. at Clark Quay)

If there was one thing I didn’t like much about the product, it would be its funky smell. Not that it smells horrible but it’s not pleasant-smelling, either. Let’s just say it’s an arresting smell and it bothered me for a bit. Thank God it disappears after a while. The good point to be gleaned out of that though is that I can definitely believe that there was no fragrance used to make it smell better.

This is definitely a primer worth trying. Thumbs up!

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