Bored This Rainy Weekend? Do the Glam Board Express!

Remember how two weeks ago I blogged about the Glam Express event that launched Nivea’s newest product and Facebook application? Well good news to everyone, the application is already up and running!

The Glam Board Express allows us to express our own unique styles by giving us the opportunity to step into the roles of fashion editors and create our own editorial mood boards. In this case, Nivea calls these “glam boards.”

I was really excited to use this app since I love playing around with clothes. Same time last year, I was addicted to Looklet. That, however, has gotten a bit old for me so this is a good alternative.

The most thrilling part about all this? I was chosen to be a “Featured Glam” by Nivea! So happy! *dance*Using the Glam Board Express is very simple. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Make sure to like the Nivea Philippines fan page to be able to access the application. Once you’re there, just click create, then choose your own template. You can edit the title and add a blurb like I did.

2. Choose from the numerous clothes and accessories, which are all from Mango’s latest Fall and Winter collection and layout as you please. I was drooling over Mango’s collection the whole time I was creating my board. I want to own all the stuff featured there!

3. Pick a background for your glam board.

4. Add your own photo then click the publish button once everything is as you please.

5. Nivea will have to approve your board but once they have done so, you can start asking your friends to vote for it. Nivea is giving away prizes every week! 🙂

So there we go! If like me, you too have no other concrete plans for this long weekend, why not kill time with the Glam Board Express? After all, it’s no fun going out when it’s raining cats and dogs. Blech.

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