Shoe Addiction: My Fashion Exploration II

During my freshmen year at university, I explored women’s obsession with shoes for my final paper for English 101. I chose a topic very close to my heart so that I would have the drive to write it until the end. Despite the four years that have passed since then, I’m still proud to recount how I got an A on that paper. Not surprising, really, since who better to talk about shoe obsession than a certified shoe addict?

One particular point still lingers in my mind. It goes as follows (written in a less formal way):

The feet are often the most hated part of the body among people. Most would say that feet are ugly things. Hence, there is a constant search for ways to beautify it. As far back as Ancient China, for example, foot binding (lotus feet) was a popular cultural practice among women as a means to make their feet more attractive. In medieval times, displaying the feet was considered scandalous, hence dresses were worn long and feet were safely concealed by stockings. Isn’t the contemporary practice of covering the feet in shoes of different colors, sizes, and design brought about by the same unconscious desire to beautify the feet?

Nevertheless, I need to stop this discourse now as I promised to make this post lighter. So without further ado, let me show you my recent shoe purchases.

When I first saw these at the Parisian racks at SM Department store, I instantly fell in love. I have a thing for high heels since I’m vertically-challenged, and these platforms sure does give me a much-needed boost.

Truth be told, though, it was this gorgeous detail that first caught my eye and later on convinced me that I got to have it.

Of course, it looked perfect on my feet when I put it on. Instant purchase!

This pair, on the other hand, I bought a month ago when Parisian’s Spring/Summer collection came out. The elegant flower print and the sexy triple straps at the front was what drew me to it.

The stilletos were killer on the feet, but that is to be expected. We all have to give up some of our comfort for the sake of beauty.

Parisian is one of my favorite shoe brands. Not only is it easy on the pocket but it’s also very up to date with the trends. The designs they come up with each season are all worth drooling over.

Both pairs are still available at SM Department Store last time I checked. Better head on there and get these beauties.

12 thoughts on “Shoe Addiction: My Fashion Exploration II

  1. First one are very beautiful and that colors are so amazing… I want the same shoes too! πŸ˜€ But I’m usually like shoes with a slightly lower heels… πŸ™‚


  2. Ack those first shoes are to die for! SM has really leveled up, ha. Masarap na mag-shopping sa department store (and that’s something I don’t think many would have said ten years ago) πŸ˜€


    1. Yeah!!! Gayang-gaya nila ang mga uso ngayon! hahaha πŸ˜€ I love shopping at SM dept more actually than Forever 21 πŸ˜‰


      1. Same here! Shopping at SM Dept feels like a treasure hunt! πŸ˜€

        Also, I’ve learned to be a bit cautious w/ F21 after I bought a dress at there and after 2 uses, the shoulder tore because of the friction from my schoolbag’s strap. It’s all sewn up now, but still! O_O


  3. Yeah, not very impressed with the choice of fabric and quality of some F21 clothes. That helps because it means i don’t go overboard shopping there πŸ˜›


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